Our Two Pillars

Two Pillars

Inspire to Learn 

Inspire to Belong 

At MGS we believe that inspiring teaching inspires learning. We strive for our broad curriculum and inspiring teaching to promote academic excellence, the best habits of independent thought and lifelong habits of making connections, intellectual curiosity and self-reflection.

Alongside Inspire to Belong, Inspire to Learn is one of the two central pillars of Maidstone Grammar School. There are four key Learning Habits which we believe support all Maidstonians in developing academic excellence: Assessment, Challenge, Independence and Connected.

MGS is much more than what is taught in the classroom and the exam results that are achieved. We strive to ensure that every student feels known and cared for and we want everyone at MGS to feel a sense of belonging to our community.

Alongside Inspire to Learn, Inspire to Belong is one of the two central pillars of Maidstone Grammar School. There are four key areas which we believe support all Maidstonians to develop a strong sense of belonging within our school community: Conduct, Support, Service and Leadership and Enrichment.

  • Assessment: Maidstonians are effective in their use of assessment. They know how to reflect and are supported with differentiated learning to make rapid progress.
  • Challenge: Maidstonians are curious and seek to explore. Greater learning is truly unlocked when we all ask challenging questions and persevere when striving to find answers.
  • Independence: Maidstonians are independent and resilient learners. They are able to immerse themselves in their studies, distil complex information and revise effectively.
  • Connected: Maidstonians understand that their subjects are connected and can make links between the skills and terminology within them.
  • Conduct: Maidstonians take pride in high standards of behaviour. Their good conduct is underpinned by respect, consideration and acceptance of individual differences.
  • Support: Maidstonians help each other to feel safe and supported. Openness, kindness and working with others promote a sense of well-being and belonging.
  • Service and Leadership: Maidstonians value service and leadership. They contribute positively to their House, their School and wider society.
  • Enrichment: Maidstonians enjoy wider enrichment opportunities. Personal resilience and confidence grow as they embrace challenge and develop new skills.