Super Curriculum

The term ‘Super Curriculum’ is widely used by educational settings to describe the reading, research and exploration of academic subjects above and beyond the narrow curriculum content prescribed by exam board specifications.

At MGS, we want to encourage all of our students to develop their academic interests more widely. Students who read up on and extend their knowledge of a favourite topic, who watch a related documentary, who visit a relevant exhibition or who explore good quality academic websites are all engaging in the Super Curriculum. These types of activities help to shape our students into interested and interesting young people and often spark a long term interest in or love of a particular subject.

Top universities also seek to confirm a prospective student’s academic curiosity, genuine interest in and ongoing commitment to his or her subject through evidence of wider academic reading, personal exploration and independent research.

How to use this resource?

A huge volume of information is now instantly available at our fingertips. Many of the resources easily available online platforms are, undoubtedly, very beneficial to anyone wishing to extend and deepen their knowledge and understanding. However, it can also be hard to know where to start, a difficult and daunting task to select worthwhile and reliable resources and easy to overlook ‘hidden gems’.

With this in mind we have asked our subject departments to recommend a small number of worthwhile, good quality and easily available and accessible books, websites etc to support and encourage KS3 and KS4 students to pursue a subject interest beyond the classroom. We have tried to include a range of resources to cater for students from Year 7 through to Year 11 – some are very accessible while others are much more challenging. We ask form tutors and subject teachers to look for opportunities to explore the list with students or recommend particular resources from it. We would encourage students to try anything which triggers an interest.

We understand that all of our students are different – some love to read and research widely and will do this independently with a high degree of self-motivation. Others will be inspired by a particular topic, a teacher or a friend which will provide the impetus they need to get started. Others still will need a lot of encouragement and persuasion to have a go. Parental support and encouragement can be absolutely invaluable in encouraging young people to widen their academic horizons but it can also be very difficult for parents to know how hard to push and how best to help and support - we hope that this resource will help you if you are looking for some ideas and suggestions.