Help with MGS Online Systems

PLEASE NOTE: ParentMailInsight and the Schools VLE are THREE different systems, for more information please read the articles below


Our School to Home communications system

  • One way, School to Home. You cannot reply directly to messages received.
  • Letters and notices from school.
  • Snow Alerts and School Closures
  • Emergency Messages by Email & Text (SMS)
  • Pay for school trips and equipment online (Credit card/paypal etc)
  • Available either via a web page or a smartphone app.
  • password reset via online self service portal
  • Account created automatically when we add you to our school management system

Parents living in the SAME address will both be allocated an account. (providing we have Mobile and /or Email information that is correct and accurate) 

Students DO NOT have logins for ParentMail

How do I change my email in ParentMail?

 Simply log into your ParentMail account with the wrong email address, click on your name in the toolbar at the top of the page, then click Personal Details. Here you can change any of your contact details. (Shown Below)

PMX Change PW

Additional Parentmail help can be found HERE


Our PARENTS online portal to the information we hold on your son/daughter. Available online via a web browser only (Please do not use Internet Explorer) The system includes information on:

  • Attendance
  • Behavior
  • Reporting
  • Exam Entries,
  • Timetable
  • Parents Evening bookings
  • Shows PARENTS what homework has been set for students (this is NOT the primary place that your child's homework is set, but for your INFORMATION only)
  • password reset via online self service portal
  • Account via application form which is part of your child's initial paperwork pack.
  • Parents living at the SAME address will be allocated ONE account only.

 Students DO NOT have logins for Insight.

 VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)

This is an extension of our classrooms beyond school. It is cloud based using Office 365.  it provides:

  • Staff & Student Email
  • Class & Subject groups
  • Subject resources
  • Notice boards
  • Homework
  • Extra Curricular Groups (e.g. CCF pages)
  • Online access to Office 365 Apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc.
  • Download Office 365 to up to five home computers/tablets or smart phones
  • 1Tb of online file storage accessible from any internet connected device (in school or out)
  • Upload of completed homework
  • School News
  • Calendar
  • School/Subject Documents

Students login using their email address as they would in school. This is their personal account and MUST NOT be shared with others.

Password reset is currently available ONLY when in school.

Parents DO NOT have accounts to enable them to login to the VLE/Office 365

How to register for Insight

We are pleased to provide to parents & carers, our Parental Portal “Insight” We would ask that if you have either not been able to attend a parents evening or have not yet returned your application form that you download and return the one available below. We will then create you an account and post the account information to the address we have registered in the school system (If you have moved, please ensure you have notified the school office)

Please DO NOT complete a new form if you have forgotten your account details, please use the password recovery option on the portal itself.

Parents Portal Application Form

Help changing passwords and personal details in Insight

Booking Parents Evening appointments guide (Updated to Version 7)

Please note that this form is an important part of the security of your child’s information. Please make sure you have read and understood the items below.

  • The Insight portal provided by MGS is the property of the school. I understand that it may be a criminal offence to provide unauthorised access to the facility.
  • I accept the sensitive nature of some of the information available and agree to safeguard my username and password. Access using my Insight account will be my sole responsibility and the school cannot take responsibility for misuse.
  • I will report any incidents of concern directly to the school or the designated Child Protection Coordinator.
  • I appreciate that use of the portal in public places (e.g. internet café or work computer) puts a high risk that information held about my son/daughter could be view by unauthorised persons.
  • I acknowledge that by submitting this information, the school will use it to facilitate the Insight service and that it may be used to update your contact information held in school.
  • Usernames and passwords will only be issued on receipt of a completed & signed copy the application form.

Insight is available by visiting the school website and clicking on the Insight link via the Parents drop down menu, or by clicking the link HERE It will allow you to view information that we record about your children like attendance, achievement, behaviour and reports. The information is updated directly from our Management Information System (SIMS) and is available to you 24 hours a day (excluding maintenance) Unfortunately we are unable to provide technical support for this facility beyond assisting you with account and password issues.

You will receive one user account regardless of how many children you have studying at MGS.



which is an electronic means of keeping parents & carers up to date with events in now our preferred method of sending information home.


Below are some of the more common questions we receive, however more help is available by searching the online PMX help portal here:-

Why am I not receiving messages from my school?

Please log in to your ParentMail account or open the PMX App. If you see messages here, then the issue is likely to be with your email provider. Within your personal email, please check your junk/spam folders and add (PMX) or (PM2) to your contacts/address book in your email account.

If you do not see any messages when you log in to your ParentMail account/App, please contact the school directly. They can check that you are correctly linked to your child, that your child is set up in the correct groups for messaging and that they have the correct contact details in their system.

Stop items going into junk email folder (GMAIL) Manage my SPAM settings (BT Email)
Manage JUNK mail (iCloud) Stop emails going into Junk folder (

Why am I only receiving messages for one of my children?

ParentMail allows schools to send messages ‘per family’; this means that you will only receive messages such as newsletters once, even if you have multiple children at the school. Only one child’s name will appear on the message. If you believe that you are not receiving messages specific to one child, please contact the school to check that you are properly linked to all of your children.

I’ve just registered, but I can’t see any messages?

Only messages sent seven or fewer days prior to you registering will be visible in your ParentMail account. If you require a copy of previous communications, please contact the school directly.

I can’t see an item that I need to pay for?

If you cannot see an item in the ‘Payments’ section of your account, please contact the school directly. Your child may not have been invited to pay for the item, or the school may have set a ‘purchase window’ that has expired. Only Parental accounts marked as primary contacts will see payment items for a student (Please contact us if you would like multiple accounts set as primary, but this may mean you receive duplicate messages)

I have children at different schools, do I need to register multiple accounts?

As long as each school holds the same email address for you, and is using the latest version of ParentMail (PMX), you can receive all communications in the same ParentMail account. Look out for an invitation to connect to any new schools, then simply log-in to approve the connection.