All A-Level subjects have now changed to the new specifications of A-levels. Students study each subject across the two years with UCAS examinations at the end of year 12.  These examinations determine the grades we will predict for any UCAS, Apprenticeship or Employment references, making them of crucial importance.

 All students will originally have to study 4 subjects in Year 12. After this, and following the UCAS examinations in May, we will discuss the possibility of reducing your timetable to three subjects and you will be given guidance about whether or not the AS option is appropriate for you.

 As a result of the recent changes in the specification of A-levels, you are no longer able to retake subject assignments or exams.  Please read the separate Curriculum Section of the Sixth Form Prospectus carefully to ensure you are clear about the subjects you are choosing to take, the requirements to study them and the details of the course you will study.

 The timetable is arranged on a ten-day cycle with five one hour-long lessons per day. Each of your subjects will have 9 hours of teaching time per fortnight and 2 timetabled lessons where staff set specific tasks for you to complete. In addition, you will typically have four hours of supervised private study per fortnight in Year 12 and more than four hours per fortnight in Year 13, dependent on your individual timetable. This is to help you to manage the requirement to complete approximately 16 hours of independent study per week. You will have set tasks to complete which may include background reading, note-taking, essay writing, research, planning for discussions or formal coursework tasks. You will be given at least three working days to complete a task but often you will have longer making it important that you learn to manage your time and plan carefully.

Being truly independent when studying involves completing work beyond what the teacher has set. In addition, to set work you should be completing further reading, creating revision notes, working cooperatively with other students, researching a particular topic you find interesting and most importantly spending more time on a topic you find difficult. Although you will be working independently, teachers will advise how much independent study should be taken.