Sixth Form

"Almost all students who left the school in 2018 went on to further education, employment or training. The vast majority take up places at high-performing universities.”

(Ofsted, 2019)


To join the sixth form at Maidstone Grammar School is to enter a challenging but supportive and enriching learning environment. As a member of this community, you will benefit from a high-quality academic education which provides you with the skills necessary for further success in the world of higher education or work.

Our sixth form is one of the largest in the area. The majority of our year 11 stay on into the sixth form and every year around 50 students (including between 30 and 40 girls) join from other schools. Each year our sixth form grows larger and larger, as a result, we now have 180 students in each year group. We now offer a large range of courses with many possible combinations. This means that students are not constrained to choose from a narrow selection of pathways such as all science-based or all arts-based subjects.  Many students choose a mix of subjects that allow for a divide in studies. This results in not only a balanced sixth form curriculum but a more diverse experience for students.

Like any other sixth form or college, you will gain a greater level of freedom and responsibility in comparison to being in the lower school. You will have several private study periods a week which will allow you to complete assignments. During this time, you will also engage with independent study, research and collaborate with other students. In addition to your A-level studies, you will be expected to engage in a programme of volunteering and other enrichment activities within the school or the wider community.