Col. Oliver Nurton

Colonel Nurton is the UK’s military advisor to the UK ambassador for the United Nations. With an illustrious military career of over 25 years; having served all round the world, from UN peacekeeping missions in Cyprus and Bosnia to serving in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; and, living in New York and working at the UN’s Headquarters, Col Nurton regularly makes speeches on Women, Peace and Security. He also advises and implements UK military task forces to UN peacekeeping missions globally as one of the P5 military advisors.

04:30- Background and career.

09:27- Role as UK Military Advisor to the UN.

10:32- UK’s involvement in UN Peacekeeping missions.

11:37- Explanation of the UN to intervene in a country.

13:23- Issues facing the UN.

16:40- UN Security Council, P5 and voting behaviour at the UN.

22:00- Professional aspirations at 18 and career advice.

26:01- Reasons for joining the Army and his specific regiment.

29:55- First impressions when working at the UN and the change he has seen.

32:19- Balancing a home-work life.

34:48- Opinions on increasing the UN’s role.

42:08- Most challenging career moment.

45:25- Role in burying the Queen Mother.

49:09- Role in Pakistan as a Counterterrorism Officer.


Jon Sopel

Jon Sopel is the North America Correspondent for the BBC, and lives within a mile of the White House in Washington D.C. He has reported on the U.S. election, interviewed Presidents, and authored two excellent books: ‘If Only They Didn’t Speak English’; and ‘A Year at the Circus’. The school thanks Jon for his generosity, honesty and kindness. Please feel free to use the following timestamps to navigate through the video.

00:55 Professional ambitions aged 18

03:34 Impact of university and education

06:22 Jon asks about our uni plans

07:26 Balancing journalism with family

12:36 “Impartial, free and fair” - impartiality in the media

17:31 Misinformation and being aware & informed

21:15 Significance of the election & race

27:05 The S word - Socialism!

31:45 American hegemony

36:07 The special relationship

40:26 Polarisation in the UK & the US

45:33 Trumpism - the end of the beginning?

46:44 The Black, Latino and Asian vote

52:50 Religion

56:42 Jon picks his President for 2020

59:23 Advice for pursuing journalism