Staff Email is now available via Outlook Web Access


Staff Email is now available via the VLE or the link above on "Quick Links"

Please note:

  1. You MUST login using your curriculum account
  2. If you do not know this, you will have to contact IT in school (Ext 258) to find out your login and password
  3. Your old email is currently in a queue to be imported and will appear slowly over the next 24-48 hours
  4. Your old Archive, will now have been merged into your main inbox (or sub folders) as mailboxes now have 50Gb of space...each
  5. This does not mean keep every email, GDPR regulations now in force state that if you no longer have a legitimate legal reason to retain information, it must be deleted
  6. Local MS Outlook applications may need a new profile creating, IT are working on an automated solution.


Staff Email: CLICK HERE