Summer Message for New Maidstonians

A Message from Mr Ferguson:

Firstly, I hope you and all your families are well. I have recorded a brief video message for you all, which may help answer some of your questions. I would also now like to provide greater clarity on how results day will work in order for you to secure your place at MGS. We are operating a full results day with students coming in to collect their results in person. It will be a slower day with all health and safety measures followed, but we believe this is vital in providing the support that students need on such an important day in their lives. We will be opening for our current Year 11 students at 8 am and new Maidstonians are invited to join us from 10am. There will be a socially distanced queue running from our reception that you can join and present evidence of your results, before then having a one to one meeting with a member of our team to check your subjects are correct, that you are happy with everything and simply to answer any questions you may have. If you are at a school that is sending your results to you digitally, there is no need for you to print the results off before coming in. Instead, you can email them to Mrs Smith before coming to meet us on results day (

I would also like to briefly explain how the start of term is going to work. All of Year 12 will be in school on either Thursday 3rd or Friday 4th September (depending on which House you have been allocated). This will cover your full induction to MGS and then all of Year 12 will be in academic lessons in full from Monday 7th. This will be a normal timetable with students in school at all times, in all lessons. We will explain more about how we are able to achieve this nearer the time, but we have got the school ready to operate in full.

Good luck to you all with your results. I know this is not the experience you all planned for, but I’m sure your hard work earlier in the year put you in a good position. Please do take a break this summer and enjoy yourself. We will be really hitting the ground running in September and are going achieve remarkable things together.