Parent Portal (Insight) Usernames Change

Parent Portal (Insight) Usernames change

As I am sure you are aware all parents & carers have access to our MGS parents portal “Insight”.

Your account is created from the application form that you completed in your child’s original application pack and details were sent home by letter once we had created your accounts.

Up until now we have used the facility to create usernames within the Insight system. This previously resulted in a username with a format of for example Smith12345. However it would truncate long surnames making your username difficult to remember.

We are planning on making changes to this process shortly and will be changing all usernames to be the same as your registration email address. The system can process this change automatically where you have a valid email address in the system, and will send you an email explaining that your Insight username has changed.

Please note that your passwords will remain unchanged.

Some user accounts do not have valid email accounts and we will be contacting those affected separately.

Passwords can be reset by yourselves using the forgotten password page on the site (as long as your email is valid)

If you need to login and update or add your email address, please do so before Monday 18th March 2019, so that we can activate the changes on Tuesday 19th March.


  • You do NOT need access to a specific email account to be able to login to Insight with that email address,
  • So if you know your email address and your Insight password you can still login.
  • You WILL need access to your email account to receive any messages if you use the self-service password reset service.
  • You cannot have the same email address on two different Insight user accounts.
  • You will receive an email notification that this change has happened. (Login with your email address & INSIGHT password from that point)

Click HERE the MGS Parent Portal INSIGHT