MGS Mugs Arrived

After a lot of anticipation, our 'MGS Mugs' have arrived!

These mugs were pre-ordered by members of the MGS community as part of the MGS Academy Business. Mr Baker, a Business Studies Teacher at MGS, led and launched the 'MGS Mug', the newest product from the MGS Academy Business. The profits will be re-invested into the academy in order to fund new business ventures in the near future.

The MGS Academy is also a fantastic academic resource. The Business Studies Department have been able to incorporate the MGS Academy into their lessons. Giving students a taste of selling a product with a real world business.

Due to the pandemic the delivery of these mugs were severely delayed. However, Mr Baker persevered and continued to liaise with the supplier and courier to ensure a safe delivery.

The company used to supply the mugs, although they have a London based sales office are a Spanish company that manufactures personalised products at its factory in Barcelona.

They tried to deliver them in March just after lockdown but as the school was closed, they were then shipped back to Spain, however this was not communicated.

After using the tracking number given, Mr Baker was able to establish where they were and tried to arrange a redelivery date, however despite paying another delivery charge they still didn't arrive. Their customer service team was of no help.

In the meantime, the school received a message through the website from a US soldier serving at Nato headquarters in Belgium, saying she had our mugs in her garage. She had her own order but received ours instead. She had contacted the company, but they had not responded. As there was no paperwork, she had performed a google search on the logo on the mug to trace the intended receiver.

Mr Baker was then able to book a courier online, to make sure they arrived before Christmas, and after being picked up on Thursday last week they arrived yesterday.

A special thank you to Mr Baker for all of his hard work on this product and thank you to all MGS community members who bought a mug, in turn supporting our school.

MGS Mug v2


Anyone who purchased a mug can now collect it from the front office.