D Day 75 5-6th June 2019

daks over normandy 400x400D Day 75

June the 6th 1944, without a doubt one of the most important dates in modern history.

It marks the date on which almost 160.000 Allied troops stormed the Normandy beaches as part of Operation Overlord, to start the liberation of Western-Europe.

The assault was preceded on 5th June by 24.000 troops who parachuted in or came by glider.

The most important aircraft to support the airborne assault was the Douglas C-47 Skytrains (Dakotas).

Over 800 Dakotas were involved in the transport of the men across the English Channel.

This Wednesday, 5th June marks the 75th anniversary of the preparation phase of the invasion. This will probably be the last large scale commemoration of this event.

Daks over Normandy is an event to honour those who paid so much to liberate Europe.

The skies over the United Kingdom and Normandy, will be filled with up to 40 Douglas DC-3/C-47 Dakotas and hundreds of Paratroopers. This is the first and possibly last time since World War II that this many Dakotas will be assembled in the very place where they saw their finest hour.

The planes will be flying from Duxford Airfield to the Normandy beaches, passing over Maidstone at approx 2:30 on Wednesday.

The Headmaster has kindly given permission for the entire school to witness this historic event.

The CCF will parade in uniform, flying the Contingent Banner and spelling out D Day 75 on the school field.

Weather permitting, we should be able to experience the awe inspiring sight and sound of the squadron flying in formation over our school, after the flypast students will return to Period 5