Cyber attack- UPDATE

Following on from the successful phishing attack on MGS last week, we have had additional accounts compromised over this last weekend.

The decision was taken to temporarily remove access for all student accounts until we could implement additional security measures to ensure that the system was both safe to use and from being misused.

We have today enlisted the help of a cyber security company with specific skills in securing Office 365 environments.virus

After consulting with the Headmaster & Bursar, student access will remain blocked until we can be sure of the impact that these breeches have exposed us to.

We fully appreciate the impact this will have on students trying to complete coursework and assessments in time for Monday 24th, but cannot risk the use of a compromised system just because of exam/coursework deadlines. Appropriate submissions will be sent to any relevant bodies seeking an extension where required.

Once the security report has been completed we will seek to implement any necessary changes where necessary. Please be assured we will re-enable access just as soon as possible.

Our apologies for the inconvenience and stress caused by this issue.


Mr SJ Moores

Information Systems Manager

Maidstone Grammar School