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Year 8 Toilet Roll Challenge

   Since lockdown, the year 8 students have had great fun making a video of their 'Toliet Roll Challenge'. We hope you enjoy! 


MGS Bigband Performance of Birdland

Please enjoy and share this performance of ‘Birdland’ from our MGS Bigband. The musical ability and dedication of our music students makes us proud and are a credit to the MGS community



Year 11 and 13 book return arrangements

We will be undertaking a very different sort of book return this year. Due to guidance on social distancing and the numbers of students involved we have created a staggered book return.


Information for incoming year 6 parent and carers



MGS Action on COVID-19

COVID19jpgFirstly, I would like to reassure you that all of the action that we as a school have already taken has been on the advice of Public Health England, the NHS and the Government; and that this action has been both considered and measured to ensure we do not over react or be alarmist – school has essentially continued as normal.


Cyber attack- UPDATE

Following on from the successful phishing attack on MGS last week, we have had additional accounts compromised over this last weekend.virus

The decision was taken to temporarily remove access for all student accounts until we could implement additional security measures to ensure that the system was both safe to use and from being misused.

We have today enlisted the help of a cyber security company with specific skills in securing Office 365 environments.



Ongoing cyber attacks on MGS systems

Please be advised the following further hacking on student email accouts we have taken the decision to block access for all student users.

We will review what action is required with a view to re-enabling account access as soon as possible.


MR SJ Moores

Information Systems Manager


Suspect email from Mr N Shambler at MGS- DO NOT CLICK any links in email and scan your systems now....


Earlier today we were alerted to a suspicious email appearing to originate from Mr N Shambler email account at MGS.



Christmas Toy Appeal

IMG 0066

Once again we have been amazed by the number of toys that have been donated the Salvation Army this year. we would like to thank our parents, staff and students for their help! 


Poppy Appeal 2019

A massive thank you to all the staff and students that took part in this year's poppy appeal!  Poppy for website