MGS Extra

A very wide range of enrichment activities further extend our students’ knowledge and experience across all year groups. Involvement is considered beneficial to each individual’s personal development and all students can participate in a variety of stimulating physical, artistic, cultural and recreational pursuits. Our enrichment programme provides opportunities for students of all ages to take responsibility, work as part of a team, face new challenges and acquire new skills.

Many students take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, which has four sections at Bronze level: expedition, volunteering, skill and physical. Many students gain bronze and silver awards and some go on to gold.

Across the academic year, a number of departments take students on field trips and educational visits. In addition, in Extended Learning Week (Term 6) students in Years 7 - 9 participate in a programme of activities aimed at extending their cultural and social experiences. Seven hundred children take part in an extensive range of activities both on and off site for a week. Virtually every member of staff is also involved. Historically, there have been approximately 28 activities in total including up to six residential trips at home and abroad. The range of activities is enormous with everything from F1 to sign language and from Great MGS Bake Off to a panto for children from local primaries. Recent foreign residential trips have included visits to Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Canada.

The School is justifiably proud of its Combined Cadet Force (CCF), which is open to students in Year 9 and upwards. The School has one of the oldest Combined Cadet Forces in the country (founded 1906) with Army, Navy and RAF sections. All sections have been successful over the years with wins in many national and local competitions. RAF cadets have gained flying scholarships and private pilot’s licences. Army cadets have been awarded scholarships at Welbeck and Sandhurst. Naval cadets have won places at Dartmouth. Our shooting team has been very successful. Cadets can take part in activities such as abseiling, first aid, map and compass work, climbing, field craft, weapon handling and shooting, military knowledge, command tasks, canoeing, flying, gliding and sailing.

MGS has a national and local reputation of excellence in Sport and we cater for the performance athlete and the enthusiastic participant. Full time specialist PE teachers manage teams in a variety of sports. We also have a lot of help from external specialist coaches who support us to achieve excellent results.

Our house system sits at the heart of the enrichment programme and a full schedule of inter house competitions designed to encourage participation at all levels of age and experience takes place throughout the year.

Enrichment at MGS is organised under four themes:


Activities that involve creative thinking and that allow you to explore and extend ideas, leading to an original or interpretive produce or performance.



Physical exertion activities that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.



Activities that provide an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to your community.


Extended Learning

Activities that make classroom learning more meaningful and that extend, enrich and consolidate the knowledge, understanding and skills you have learned, including engagement in the supercurriculum.


Our prospectus below is designed to give you a flavour of the many exciting opportunities in which students can participate alongside and in addition to their academic studies whilst at MGS. New clubs, societies and activities are added dependent upon student demand, so this booklet is not an exhaustive list.

MGS Extra Prospectus