Chemistry is about everything around us: how the building blocks of substance behave and interact, how this leads to the behaviour of all things, why and how energy travels through chemical changes.  We get to grips with questions across the whole range of experience.  What holds everything together?  Why do things change?  How can we make useful medicines, explosives, plastics, alloys, etc?  What are living things made of?  Why does a firework display look and sound as it does?  The study of Chemistry is the study of everything and anything material and as well as being of huge importance, is immensely enjoyable.

The Chemistry department at MGS has a wealth of experience with teachers who love their subject and imagination in putting it across. 


Departmental Staff

Mr S Moody Head of Department  
Miss M Dimmick Teacher of Chemistry and Science  
Mr C Taylor  Teacher of Chemistry and Science  
Mrs SE Sisson Teacher of Chemistry and Science  
Mr G Musendo Teacher of Chemistry and Science  
Mr P Highway  Teacher of Chemistry and Head of Corpus Christie  
Mr D Green  Chemistry Technician  


Courses Followed

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5