Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behaviour in a given context. You may never look at people in the same way again.  The Psychology A level provides students with a wide range of skills, assessing psychological approaches, concepts, theories and research by means of application, analysis, discussion, evaluation and comparison.

You do not need to have studied Psychology before. The course involves some essay writing, science and statistics. You will put your psychological knowledge into action by conducting your own practical work in class.

The department teaches the Edexcel Psychology specification. The new Psychology A level has been developed to better prepare students for university level study. Students will look at the scientific process of research and are required to work out statistics in the exams as part of this procedure. They will also contrast the scientific status of different studies and approaches.

Psychology combines well with other social sciences (Sociology, Philosophy and Politics),  humanities and pure sciences, particularly Biology. In English Literature, for example, Psychology will help you to analyse and interpret poems, novels and plays. If you are considering university, it can be invaluable as it combines aspects of science and arts/humanities.

Psychology is valuable for careers where dealing with people plays a key role, such as business, law, medicine, journalism, marketing and HR management and for Psychology specific careers (Clinical, Forensic, Sport, Health, Occupational and Educational). The course is taught by a specialist, enthusiastic teacher who is dedicated to helping students achieve high grades, and who inspires a love for the subject with students going on to further study Psychology at University every year. There will be a trip in year 13 to the local Crown Court and students are informed about conferences.

Departmental Staff

Miss C Edmonson
Psychology Teacher
Miss M Sandhu  Psychology Teacher


Entry requirements

B grades at GCSE for English, Maths and Science.

 Comment from A* student from summer 2014, currently studying 1st-year Psychology at Bath

My Psychology A level has prepared me for university with a wide background of information that complements further depth at degree level. The cognitive approach helped me with study techniques which were useful for revision. The practicals we completed have given me the right mindset for writing reports on university practicals. The evaluation skills developed a critical mindset which is desired for academic writing.

Courses Followed

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Second Year