Departmental Staff

Mr N Amin  Head of Department

Politics is one of the most intellectually stimulating, interesting and relevant subjects that one could possibly study. The study of politics amounts in many respects to the study of power with all its associated issues: who should have power? What are the different forms of power? Is democratic power the only legitimate form of power? Is legitimate power a contradiction in terms? You will be taken through a challenging intellectual journey that explores the merits and drawbacks of British political institutions, the main ideological divisions in the modern world, the conflict ridden nature of global politics all with the context of the intriguing overlaps between political debates and history, philosophy and sociology. Whilst some debates will have a specific British context such as whether we should change our electoral system or abolish the House of Lords, others will have a broader international context such as considering whether western capitalist nations unfairly exploit the resources of developing countries as part of a new form of colonisation. Whether you wish to indulge your intellectual curiosity or simply become more aware of the world in which you live, the study of Politics will certainly provide ample opportunity to become a more intelligent and critical thinker. This is a skill that is greatly admired by universities and employers alike.

The 2017 Edexcel Government and Politics course is a linear course with a terminal set of exams at the end of the two your course.  Politics A Level Pearson Edexcel 9PL0

A specific set of subjects at GCSE is not required although a grade 6 (or at least a 5) in English Language is highly desirable.  Politics is a highly respected subject by universities and many students who study Politics at A level go on to pursue diverse careers such as Law, Journalism, Business and Project Management, Teaching and the Civil Service.

For further information about the details of the syllabus please visit the Pearson Edexcel website.