What does it mean to ‘know’ something? What is belief? What is proof? What is a logical argument? What is the basis of knowledge – reason or sense perception? Does God exist? What makes an action right or wrong? What are you – are you simply your mind? What is the mind? Does a ‘you’ really exist? These are some of the ultimate questions that Philosophy addresses. It is a subject for those who like serious discussion and open-ended questions. Yet it requires an interest in what great thinkers of the past have said.

Departmental Staff

Mr N Amin Head of Department
Miss E Alloy Teacher of Philosophy

Students on this course will work on the development of clear and logical reasoning through background reading, discussion and essay writing.. The course is demanding and not for the faint-hearted. It requires the ability to absorb new and difficult concepts quickly, to understand and use abstract ideas, to learn the views of different philosophers and evaluate them, to make detailed notes in lessons and independently and to write well-informed and critical essays.

The course includes aspects of: Philosophy of Knowledge; Moral Philosophy; Philosophy of Religion and Philosophy of Mind.

There is no coursework. Final assessment is by AQA examination.

Further information about the specification can be obtained by accessing the AQA website: HERE