Key Stage 4 Music

KS4 Music (GCSE)

GCSE Music allows our students to explore and develop their practical skills both as soloists and ensemble musicians, as well as furthering their knowledge and understanding of a wide range of music genres.

The qualification is assessed both internally (60% practical coursework) and externally (40% written examination). The written examination will assess students’ listening and appraisal skills, asking questions related to eight set works, which the students will have studied in depth throughout the course, as well as more unfamiliar pieces. The set works come from a variety of music genres and time periods, including instrumental music, vocal music, music for stage and screen and fusions of different world music styles. Peforming arts

The practical elements of the qualification are comprised of performing and composition (30% of the overall qualification each). Students have the opportunity to demonstrate their talents as performers through a solo and ensemble performance, which may be completed at any point during the course. 

Students then show their flair and creativity through two compositions, one of which will follow a brief set by the exam board to be completed in year 11, and a second “free” composition which students may complete at any time during the course.

All students are encouraged to take part in a variety of ensembles both within and outside of school, as well as to perform in assemblies and school concerts.

'A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind.'

Eugene Ionesco