Key Stage 4 GCSE Drama

GCSE Drama

GCSE Drama is a fantastic subject that builds confidence, tolerance, emotive intelligence, presentation skills and can simply give someone a chance to show they have serious acting talent. GCSE Drama includes both practical and written elements. Their main examination task is a written paper where they write about ‘DNA’ by Dennis Kelly from the perspective of an actor, director and a designer, as well as a live performance they have seen.

Their practical assessments are in two components: scripted pieces and devised pieces. Students will perform or design two sections from a play which contributed towards their final mark. A devised piece is where students create their own piece of drama in response to a particular stimulus. They must decide the style, period, narrative of the drama, keeping careful notes and developing their characters as they go. Challenging, but extremely creative!

There is also written work to be completed for both scripted work and devising that contributes to their final mark.


‘Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.’

Alfred Hitchcock