Courses Followed

The Physical Education Department has 4 full-time specialist teachers, and enjoys the assistance of some non-specialists for games, extra-curricular clubs, and the running of teams in the major games, on Wednesday afternoons or Saturdays.

Every boy in the lower and middle school (Years 7,8,9,10 and 11) has PE and Games, and the department delivers the National Curriculum requirements at KS3 and KS4.

In the 6th Form members of school play matches on Wednesday afternoons. Students have the choice to study GCSE PE at KS4 and A/AS Level PE at KS5.

Forms in Years 7, 8 and 9 have a period of PE (60 minutes) per week on their own, and a period of Games (60 minutes) per week in half-year groups.

In Years 10 & 11 each form has a period of PE (60 minutes) on their own every fortnight, and a period of Games (60 minutes) in half year groups every week.

The school’s main winter games are Rugby, Football and in summer Cricket and Athletics. We have strong fixture lists against other Grammar, Independent and Secondary Schools in the South East in Rugby, Cricket and Football and have won National and County titles at these sports in recent years.

The department has a small office attached to the gymnasium, part of the original buildings, and a traditional wooden-floored teaching area as well as a fully equipped weights room. In addition there is a Sports Hall on site with a Granwood floor, offering badminton, basketball, cricket, volleyball and 5-a-side football facilities. In winter the playing fields accommodate 3 rugby pitches as well as 4 practise areas.

During the summer the school field has 2 cricket squares, each with an artificial strip as well as grass wickets, 4 brand new International standard artificial cricket nets, 2 hard-play areas, one with 2 tennis courts/basketball courts, the other with a tennis court and 4 practice basketball rings. There is also a full size athletics track, long and triple jump pits and javelin, shot and discus throwing areas.

GCSE Physical Education

Edexcel GCSE PE Specification

What is GCSE Physical Education all about?

PE will offer you the opportunity to develop your skills in a wide range of sports and activities and help you improve your own performance. You will learn about exercise, how the body works to help you exercise and then through training how performance can be improved.

Will I enjoy this course?

The course is practically based and involves participating in a range of practical activities as well as developing the knowledge to improve your own ability in these activities. For pupils who enjoy sport this will therefore be a very enjoyable course.

How does it follow on from what I have learned before?

You will have already been taught a variety of different activities in your PE lessons. This course will help you to build upon these basic skills. You will develop the analytical skills necessary to look at and improve your own performance.

What about exams?

There is one exam at the end of the course, which will test your knowledge and understanding of the theory element of the course. The exam will be 1 hour and 45 minutes and involve short questions that enable you to apply your understanding of the factors affecting participation.

Is there any coursework?

Throughout the course you will be learning and developing new skills and techniques through a range of different activities. The final coursework mark is worth 60% of the total mark and you will need to offer four activities for assessment. The course is also designed to develop your ability to observe and analyse different performances. In the final assessment you will need to analyse performance in one of your four chosen practical activities.

What other skills might I develop?

Physical education allows you to develop a wide range of personal skills through the involvement in physical activity. At the same time the need to analyse performance will often involve using ICT as a basis for studying and reviewing different performances.


AQA A Level Physical Education

AQA Specification

What do I need to know or be able to do before taking this course?

It is not a requirement that you should have studied physical education at GCSE level in order to take an Advanced Subsidiary or Advanced GCE course in the subject. Several topics covered in the course are developments of work covered at GCSE but others are new. What is important is that you should have a lively and enquiring mind, an interest in physical education, a willingness to explore new ideas and an ability to communicate your ideas effectively. If you enjoy sporting activities the course will broaden your all round knowledge of physical education. At the same time it will develop your understanding of the theory behind the subject in ways which you can relate to.

What will I learn on this Advanced GCE course?

You will:

  • develop your knowledge and skills in selected activities
  • explore the contemporary sociological issues in modern sport
  • examine the effects of exercise and the relationships between training and performance
  • analyse the way we learn to be skillful
  • compare and contrast sport through many differing cultures
  • enhance your understanding of the role of technology or psychology in sporting performance
  • find ways to improve your own performance through your greater understanding of the subject.

What kind of student is this course suitable for?

  • The course will appeal to those students who:
  • Has completed the GCSE PE course to at least grade 6
  • have a high ability in at least one sport which you are competing in at school or for an outside club
  • have a keen interest in sport and recreation
  • want to follow a course that develops the theoretical aspects through practical involvement
  • have an enquiring mind and are interested in sport throughout the world
  • want to know more about how the body functions and the effects of exercise
  • want to evaluate and improve their own sporting performance
  • enjoy discovering about themselves in practical situations
  • want to study a course that is active and that they will enjoy
  • may want to move onto a related career or higher education course.

What could I go on to do at the end of my course?

Students with A Level GCE Physical Education have access to a wide range of possible career and higher education opportunities. You learn and use a variety of transferable skills throughout the course. These include collecting, analysing and interpreting data, communicating your findings in different ways, and identifying and developing the links between different parts of the subject. These skills are in great demand by employers, universities and colleges. Physical education combines with a range of A Level GCE subjects. It supports applications for a wide range of university courses like sports sciences, physiotherapy, recreation and leisure studies and there are many new and exciting courses related to sport throughout higher education. Many students choose to use their qualification to go straight into employment, rather than go on to higher education. Because Advanced Subsidiary or Advanced GCE Physical Education develop the transferable skills and the Key Skills that employers are looking for, they can lead to a very wide range of employment opportunities. This can include further training in such areas as recreational management, leisure activities, armed forces and the Civil Service.