Courses Followed

 Media Studies GCSE

The course is broken up into three key elements:

  • B321: a controlled assessment project, which incorporates a piece of written analysis looking at the representation of people, places and/or and events in a topic area chosen by the centre.  This is accompanied by an individual production exercise in the same medium as the topic for the written work. 30% 
  • B322: a 1 hour 45 minute examination, featuring textual analysis of an action/adventure sequence screened during the exam. This requires students to focus on three areas: genre, media language and representation.  The second section of the exam focuses on audiences and institutions with particular reference to TV and Radio comedy programming. 40%
  • B324: a controlled assessment project where students work in groups to produce a major piece of practical work. Options include: an opening sequence to a film, a music video or a sequence from a television programme. Students make use of the school editing equipment, cameras and SFX software to produce a quality production. 30%


 Media Studies AS Level

G321: Foundation Portfolio in Media
Short filming exercise demonstrating continuity.  This is then followed by the production of the titles and opening sequence of a new fiction film, to last a maximum of two minutes.  The work is supported by appropriate planning, research and evaluation of the finished work, which is presented using a variety of media technology including an on-going blog.
This unit is assesed by an Internal Assessment and is worth 50% of the final grade

G322: Key Concepts (TV Drama)
This examination unit consists of a textual analysis task, examining the use of camera, editing, sound and mise-en-scène in a moving image text. It requires the student to focus on how these elements construct representations.  The focus text for this year’s examination is Television Drama.  The second part of the paper focuses on media industries, exploring their relationships with audiences.  This requires a case study on a particular industry which is chosen by the student depending on their area of interest.
This unit is assesed by a 2 Hour Exam and is worth 50% of the final grade


 A Level Media Studies

G324: Advanced Portfolio in Media
A complete Media Portfolio where the student chooses from a list of possible options including music videos, TV documentaries, children’s TV programming, magazine production and website design.  Planning, research and evaluation are all documented using electronic formats.
This is assesed by an internal assesment and makes 25% of your grade

G325: Critical Perspectives in Media
In the first section of this paper students need to reflect upon the work completed the two practical units of the course, and evaluate the work using key media theories.  In the second section of the exam students respond to a contemporary issue in Media Studies through a range of media texts, some of which are taught and others they study as part of their own independent learning.
This unit is assesed by a 2 Hour Exam this makes up 25% of your grade.


 Film Studies AS Level

FM1 – Exploring film form

A coursework based unit consisting of two main tasks. The first is a micro analysis of a short film sequence.  Students explore how meaning is created through aspects such as lighting, camera and sound and then select a sequence themselves to write on.  Secondly there is a creative project where students create their own sequence from a piece of film via the photographic storyboard medium. 

This is assesed by an Internal Assessment and makes up 40% of your grade.

FM2 – British and American Film
This unit consists of three main aspects of study. Firstly, students explore key aspects of the Hollywood film industry, looking at the institutions behind the films and how they turn these films into the huge successes that they are through marketing, merchandising and exhibition strategies.  Secondly, they explore key issues which surround British films, looking at how films can reflect the ideologies of their country of origin.  Finally students study two US films in detail leading to a comparative piece of writing based on the narrative and genre. In the past students have looked at the 1968 film “Planet of the Apes” and compared it against the 2001 film “Planet of the Apes”.
This is assesed by an External Assessment lasting 2.5 hours and makes up 60% of your grade.


 Film Studies A Level

FM3 – Film research and creative projects
This coursework unit contains two main parts. Students work on a small scale research project looking at issues such as Authorship or Performance. Here students get an opportunity to select an area of film they are particularly interested in and then conduct research and present their findings. Then the second part of the unit is the practical part of the course; here students produce their own short film, working in groups to use the practical equipment and make a full narrative around 5 minutes in length.
This is assessed through an Internal Assessment and makes up 25% of the final grade.

FM4 – Varieties of film experience: issues and debates
This final exam combines three main areas of focus. The first is a study into issues of world cinema, looking at how much an audience can lean about a country’s history and society through the films they produce. The second is a study into spectatorship, looking at the differences in what a producer intends and what an audience infers from a film text.  Finally there is a study of a single film, taking a film prescribed by the exam board and analysing this in detail with reference to institution, theory and ideology.  
This is assessed through a 2.75 Hour external assessment and makes up 25% of the final grade.