Media & Film Studies

Media Studies

The Media and Film industries are ever expanding and highly profitable, with companies such as Apple, Sony and Disney some of the highest grossing organisations working today.  The media has a very strong influence upon us and at Maidstone Grammar School we aim to teach our students to analyse, create and evaluate media products.

A high number of our film and media student have gone on to study one of these subjects at an undergraduate level with an many gaining prestige at film festivals and pursuing careers in the industry.

Media Studies is a GCSE option in Year 9 and is very popular.  A-Levels are offered in Media Studies and Film Studies and both these subjects are also very popular with a number of students opting to study both at A-Level

A Film should have a beginning, a middle, and an end… but not necessarily in that order

- Jean-Luc Godard


Departmental Staff

Mr J Goddard (BA)
Head of Department
Mrs AM Martin Teacher of Media & Film
Mr A Chapman Media Technician

Courses Followed

Media Studies GCSE

Media Studies AS Level

Media Studies A Level

Film Studies AS Level

Film Studies A Level