Departmental Staff

Mr C Zaccarini
Head of Department
Mrs Arbizu Powell              Teacher of MFL
Ms A Kruppa Head of College House
Mr A Ribbans Head of German
Mrs L Van Mol Teacher of MFL

"A different language is a different vision of life.” 

Federico Fellini

"You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.” 

Geoffrey Willans

MFL is an exciting subject that opens up the rest of the world to you. It allows you to communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Having a GCSE in a foreign language has always been a great asset when it comes to applying to universities and ensuring better job prospects. Employers have come to value language skills, recognising their crucial importance even more so in today's global economy. Above all learning and being successful in a language is challenging but fun and very rewarding.

At MGS students have the opportunity to learn French, German and Spanish.

“He who knows no foreign languages knows nothing of his own.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Courses Followed

French, Spanish and German KS3 

In KS3, students develop their knowledge and understanding of a foreign language and their cultural awareness in the context of familiar topics such as routine, family, friends, free time and healthy living. The foundations of the language, key vocabulary and grammar form an integral part of the learning experience in KS3.

In Year 7 students study two languages which they carry on learning in Year 8.

French, German and Spanish KS4 (GCSE) 

In KS4 students build on their understanding and apply their knowledge of the language in the contexts of the following three themes.

  1. Identity and Culture
  • Relationships
  • Mobile technology and social media
  • Sport and culture
  • Hispanic traditions and festivals

   2. Local, national international and global areas of interest

  • Home town and region
  • Charity and voluntary work
  • Healthy and unhealthy living
  • Environment
  • Poverty and homelessness
  • Holidays and travel
  • Regions of Spain

   3. Current and future study and employment

  • School
  • Higher education
  • Careers

At least one of these languages is still compulsory at GCSE. Some of our boys carry on with two languages. These GCSEs aim to develop positive attitudes towards the countries studied and give some understanding of their culture.

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”  

Ludwig Wittgenstein

French , German and Spanish KS5 (A-Level)

A-level courses for French, German and Spanish start with an introduction to bridging the gap from GCSE to A' Level. 

At AS and A2 Level, the courses range over many items of topical interest, such as different  types of families , traditional and modern values, the environment, food, diet and health, current affairs and more. Lessons are, for the most part, conducted in the target language and the department is fortunate in having four native speakers.

School trips play an important role. During extended week the Spanish department visit Salou and Barcelona with year 9-10 and there are also trips to Germany and France run by the German and French department.

"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way." 

Frank Smith

Below are some useful websites to aid your child's language learning.

Linguascope (username and password available from child's teacher)

Memrise (your child can create their own account)

Klar - German language learning website language learning website

BBC – Bitesize