Courses Followed

The course a student followed depending on the level at which they are sitting it.


A Level

 GCSE AQA 8035

Unit 1 - Sustainable Decision Making Exercise  

Written paper, 1hour 30mins, 40 marks (25%) Spelling, punctuation and grammar will be assessed in this unit.

Each SDME will focus upon a sustainable development issue related to one of the four key themes below (example issues for focus included):

Theme 1: Rivers and Coasts

Flood management strategies

Coastal management strategies

Theme 2: Population and Settlement

Population management strategies

Settlement development and planning

Theme 3: Natural Hazards

Hazard planning and protection

Hazard prediction methods 

Theme 4: Economic Development

Aid and development

Managing economic development and environmental conflict 

Whilst investigating the key themes, candidates use a variety of sources to develop a range of skills that includes reading, interpreting and analysing data by identifying patterns, trends and relationships in data such as: cartoons, maps (various) and diagrams.

Whilst investigating the key themes candidates should also appreciate the differences and similarities between people's views of the world and its environments, societies and cultures.

Unit 2 - Geographical Enquiry
Controlled Assessment, 60 marks, (25%) Spelling, punctuation and grammar will be assessed in this unit.

This unit consists of a Fieldwork Focus task on a hypothesis or question.

There will be one task per theme for the Fieldwork Focus, except for Rivers and Coasts, which will have one each. There will not be a task for the Natural Hazards theme.

Each candidate’s submission should not exceed 2000 words in total.

Field notebooks, research notes, full sets of questionnaires, etc., should not be submitted for assessment.

Work will be undertaken in different phases including pre-fieldwork (in the classroom), collecting data and then writing it up (in school).

Unit 3 - Key Geographical Themes
Written paper, 1hr 45mins, 99 marks (50%) Spelling, punctuation and grammar will be assessed in this unit.

Each year three of the four themes will be assessed by an examination, with the remaining theme studied in Unit 1 (DME)

Theme 1: Rivers and Coasts

Theme 2: Population and Settlement

Theme 3: Natural Hazards

Theme 4: Economic Development

3 sections, separate resource booklet, candidates answer all questions

 A Level: AQA 7037

The course consists of four units:

Unit 1: Global Challenges (60% AS; 30% AL)

In this unit you will study two topics: 1. World at Risk, which examines a range of natural hazards looking at their cause, prevalence and management; 2. Going Global, which examines the changes created by globalisation and subsequent impacts.

The exam consists of two sections, short data response questions and a choice of topics for a longer report style question.

Unit 2: Geographical Investigations (40% AS; 20% AL)

In this unit you will study two topics: 1.Crowded Coasts, which examines the issue of coastilisation and the challenges of managing vulnerable coastlines in the 21st Century; 2. Rebranding Places, which examines the need to re-image and regenerate urban and rural environments.  There is a strong focus on fieldwork and examining landscapes first hand.  There is a mandatory fieldwork programme which will develop a wide range of skills which are applied in the examination.

You will be assessed by an exam which will test your application of fieldwork skills and knowledge of topical case studies.

Units 1 & 2 are examined at the end of year 12.

Unit 3: Contested Planet (60% A2; 30% AL)

In this unit you will study six topics: Energy Security, Water Conflicts, Biodiversity Under Threat, Superpower Geographies, Bridging the Development Gap and The Technological Fix?  The use and management of resources is a key issue for geography in today’s world, many resources are finite and rising consumption means difficult decisions over their use will have to be taken; this unit examines these issues.

The exam consists of two sections where you will have a choice of questions.  There will be a synoptic question with pre-release materials.

Unit 4: Geographical Research (40% A2; 20% AL)

In this unit you will study one topic: Tectonic Activity and Hazards.  You will research a wide range of natural hazards and develop a detailed appreciation of how tectonic settings produce distinctive landforms and create significant risk to human populations.  You will also research how and why the risk varies and how people are responding to such risks in the 21st Century.

The exam consists of one essay style question which is based on pre-release material.

Units 3 & 4 are examined at the end of year 13.