Geography is a popular subject in the school with four GCSE groups in Years 9, 10 and 11. Many of our students go on to study Geography and related subjects at university.

Geography aims to stimulate an interest in the wider world and the wide variety of human and physical environments that exist. It helps to provide a knowledge and understanding of the major problems that lie ahead of us and allows students to develop their own ideas and responses to them.

In lessons, we investigate a wide variety of topics based upon different places, and at different scales. Fieldwork is carried out to reinforce understanding and encourage students to understand issues and processes studied in the classroom. It also helps students to appreciate how complex the world is. This is an important part of GCSE and A Level courses.

We conduct a broad range of field trips within the department over the course of the year. These include:

September - Year 11 GCSE to the Reculver Coastline
November - Year 8 trip to the Emirates Stadium and Islington
December - Year 13 trip to Rochester
March - Year 10 GCSE trip to Stratford, London
April - Year 12 residential trip to Dorset
June - Year 7 investigation of the River Darent


Departmental Staff

Mr R O'Hanlon Head Of Department
Mrs N Lynch Teacher of Geography
Mrs M Kenny Teacher of Geography
Mr M Tyler Teacher of Geography
Mr M Rivers Teacher of Geography and Assistant Head


Schemes of Work


Scheme of Work for KS3 Geography



Schemes of Work and Specification available at:

AQA Geography GCSE


A level

Schemes of Work and Specification available at:

AQA Geography A Level