16 to 19 Bursary Fund

Introduction to the 16-19 Bursary
Students in the Sixth Form, who are in need of some minor financial support, can apply to the
School’s 16 to 19 Bursary Fund to assist with expenses such as travel, revision booklets and
equipment for use in school. This is a fund which has been allocated directly by the Government to
individual Schools to administer.

1.   The Application Process

Application forms can be found on the school website but a hard copy of the application form can
also be obtained from the School Bursary.

16-19 Bursary Application Form 2017-18

2.  Deadline for Applications for the 2017-18 Academic Year

The deadline for receipt of applications is Friday 15th September 2017. However, should your
circumstances change during the academic year, please see the School Bursar.

3.  Decision Making Process

The applications will be assessed by a Panel of four and bursaries awarded on the greatest need.
Applicants will be informed in writing of the Panel’s decision by the end of the following week.
Should your application be successful, you will be expected to sign an Attendance, Punctuality and
Behaviour Agreement with the School.

Please note that if you are awarded a Bursary and your family circumstances change during the year
you must notify the MGS Bursary office immediately.

4.   Payment and Conditions of Bursary

Payments will be made at the beginning of each new term, except for Term 1 when bursaries will be
paid once the applications have been processed.

At the end of each term a review will be made of attendance, punctuality and behaviour and
adjustments may be made to your next allocation. You will be informed of this in writing.

5.  Appeals/Complaints Procedure

You have the right to appeal and/or complain to the Headmaster if you feel that your case has not
been given fair consideration. This must be in writing. The final decision rests with the

There are 3 Categories for the Bursary:-

Category 1
The Government has identified that the students most in need will fit into the groups identified
below and these students may be eligible for a Bursary of £1200 per year.

•    Students in care
•    Care Leavers
•    Students on Income Support
• Disabled students who receive employment support allowance and disability living allowance

Parents/students will need to prove entitlement. This will be in the form of appropriate supporting
documentation from the relevant Government Departments.

Students must also satisfy the residency criteria found in the YPLA Funding Guidance.

Those students who do not meet the criteria for Category 1 above may fit the criteria for Category
2 or 3. This may entitle them to a small bursary. This amount will be dependent on the number of
applications for assistance and the total bursary fund provided by the Government to the School. To
be able to make application for this funding, students will have to prove that they meet some or
all of the following criteria in the form of appropriate supporting documentation.

•    That their parent(s) are on income support or other means tested benefits
•    That they fulfil UK residency conditions
•    That they were eligible for free school meals in year 11

Category 2
•    That the total family income is less than £23000 for the last financial tax year.

Category 3
• If the family is experiencing unexpected long term financial difficulties which could have an
impact on the student you might be eligible for some limited financial assistance.  This can be
•    Transport costs
•    Books and equipment
•    Educational trips
•    Free school meals

Applications, in writing, should be made to Mrs M H Cook and will be treated in the strictest confidence.