Key Stage 3

Our students follow the Key Stage 3 curriculum in Years 7 and 8. Our KS3 curriculum is broad and designed to give Year 7 and 8 students a strong foundation in at least 15 subjects.

At Key Stage 3 students study the core subjects: English, Mathematics and Science, including Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In addition, a wide range of other subjects are also studied. All students take Art, Computing, Design and Technology, Games, Geography, History, Performing Arts, Physical Education and Religious Studies. We also place importance on learning foreign languages. All students study two modern foreign languages from French, German, and Spanish. Latin is also studied by half of each year group.

Our Learning to Learn course is a unique feature of our curriculum and gives all Year 7 students a foundation which will support them to develop effective study skills and revision techniques throughout their school career and which help them to fulfil their academic potential in exams.

The timetable, which runs on a ten-day cycle, also includes Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) where staff also introduce students to Relationships and Sex Education (RSE). Assemblies and tutor time also form part of a student’s wider education.

Our MGS Extra programme embeds enrichment in school life for every Maidstonian. Activities, clubs and societies run by teachers and students are enjoyed by all Year 7 and 8 students.

The KS3 curriculum is structured into two bands (a Latin Band and a Non Latin Band) which are based on results from the Kent Test. On the basis of these results students are placed into Learning Groups across the two bands. Teaching takes place in these Learning Groups for all subjects except Modern Foreign Languages which are set according to language choice. Design and Technology is also taught outside of Learning Groups as it is taught in smaller groups.

The table below summarises the subjects studied in Year 7 and Year 8 and the number of lessons per fortnight.


Latin Banding

Non Latin Banding


5 lessons (Y7); 6 lessons (Y8) 5 lessons (Y7); 6 lessons (Y8)
Mathematics 5 lessons 5 lessons
Science 8 lessons 8 lessons
Language Choice 1 (French, German or Spanish) 3 lessons 4 lessons
Language Choice 2 (French, German or Spanish) 3 lessons 4 lessons
Latin 3 lessons 0 lessons
History 3 lessons 3 lessons
Geography 3 lessons 3 lessons
Performing Arts 3 lessons 3 lessons
Religious Studies 2 lessons 3 lessons
Art 2 lessons 2 lessons
Design & Technology (including Food & Nutrition) 2 lessons 2 lessons
Computing 2 lessons 2 lessons
Physical Education 2 lessons 2 lessons
Games 2 lessons 2 lessons
PSHCE 1 lesson 1 lesson
Learning to Learn 1 lesson (Y7); 0 lessons (Y8) 1 lesson (Y7); 0 lessons (Y8)