Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some the Year 6 frequently asked questions, along with the answers. I hope you find it useful.
  • Who do I ask for advice?
  • You can ask anyone you trust for advice. As you see your form tutor regularly, they will probably be the best person to ask. There is also a prefect assigned to each form.
  • What time is Lunch?
  • We have a late lunch (1:25pm). A refectory will serve hot food.

Are drinks available?

Drinks are available from the refectory and vending machines. There are also water fountains around the school.

Do I have to wear my tie and blazer all the time?

Yes. You should have your tie done up and blazer on at all times.

What can I bring to school?

You should bring your schoolbooks and equipment. If you have Games or PE, you should bring your kit. You should not bring anything expensive into school.

Can I bring my Mobile Phone?

If you have a mobile phone, it should be turned off during the school day. If a teacher catches you with it, it may be confiscated and your parents will have to come into school and collect it.

Do I have a locker?

Everyone is issued a locker to keep text books you don’t need. Bring a padlock on your first day and give a spare key to your form tutor in case you forget your key.

What rewards are there at MGS?

You may be given stickers for doing something kind or helping a member of staff, or for good work, which you will need to log onto the Carrot Rewards Website. Certificates are presented when you get 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 and 150 merits. Additional prizes are given for the form with the most stickers and merits. Prizes are also given for the tidiest form room.

What are the consequences of breaking rules?

We have 5 expectations, which we expect you to follow. Punishments range from an Order Mark, to lunchtime detention, to an after school detention. For really serious issues, there is a Special two hour Friday detention.

What can I do at Lunch?

There are loads of clubs. If you want to catch up on homework, there is the school library, homework room and computer rooms open.
If you would like to see the clubs available please click here