New to MGS (Induction)


To help you with your transition from primary into secondary school we have created this page so you can feel more at home with your surroundings; even before you arrive here we will post helpful information, maps and help from our Year 8 students that may help you settle in at MGS. 

Preparing for the School day:

  1. Get up in plenty of time.
  2. Know what time you have to leave the house to get to the bus stop or to school on time.
  3. If you travel to school by bus, make sure you know the bus numbers and times.

  4. Be in the right place at the right time at the end of school.
  5. Go straight home. If you are going to stay late after school, make sure someone knows.
  6. Know what to do if you are delayed. Have a contact telephone number with you.
  7. Know the school rules regarding uniform. The full school uniform is printed in your planner.
  8. Make sure everything is ready to put on the evening before.
  9. Make sure a full PE kit is taken to school on the days it is needed.
  10. Label all items of clothing with your name and form.

During the School day:

  1. Know what lessons take place on a particular day. You will have a copy of your timetable in your school planner.
  2. Have another copy of your timetable in a communal place, such as on the kitchen notice board, so everyone knows your timetable.
  3. Know where the classroom for each lesson is. If you get lost, ask someone.
  4. Know who the teacher is.
  5. Get to lessons on time - especially after breaks.

Preparing for Lessons and Homework:

  1. Have a good system for keeping books and equipment.
  2. Pack your bag the night before.
  3. Know what lessons there are on a particular day.
  4. Know what equipment is needed for each lesson (e.g.. ruler, compass, calculator for maths).
  5. Use your planner to write down important notes and messages.
  6. Have your bag packed with everything needed for that day.
  7. Store books, that are not needed, in your locker.
  8. Use a cartridge pen with washable ink, try to avoid using a biro
  9. Write down all homework in your planner, including the hand in date.
  10. Write down your homework in lessons (write exactly what you have to do).
  11. Ask if you are not sure what the task means and check with the teacher if you are not sure what to do.
  12. Make sure you bring home everything needed to do the homework.
  13. When you get home, use your planner to remind you of what you have to do.
  14. Work by yourself to complete tasks, spending the correct amount of time on each homework.
  15. Ask for help if it is difficult or you don't understand something.
  16. Tick the 'done' column in your planner when completed.
  17. Take your completed homework to school on the correct day.
  18. Remembering to give it in!
  19. Try to do homework on the night it is set - not the night before it is due in (you may get three other homework on that night!)


Maps of school 

Travel information 

Bus Pass 

School Meals

Timetable of School Day:

The table below shows the structure of the school day at MGS. We are working on a ten-day timetable which has five one hour periods per day:



 08.40 Morning Registration  
 08.50 Period 1 08.50 – 09.50
 09.55 Period 2 09.55 – 10.55
10.55 Morning break  10.55 – 11.15
11.20 Period 3  11.20 – 12.20
12.20 Period 4 12.20 – 13.20
13.20  Lunch  13.20 – 14.00
14.00 Registration, Tutor & Assembly time  
14.20 Period 5 14.20 – 15.20