The MGS Blog - Tuesday 4th July

The MGS Blog – Monday 4th July



In The News (KM) - Visiting the Kent Messenger was really fun!





Basketball Camp – Is Mr Ashenfelter the new LeBron James?

Sports Media- Another Day has kicked off.

Midsummer Mayhem- Today, there was some synchronised choreography to Katy Perry "roar". Props have started to pop up show and practice is progressing.

Cracking codes looked like a challenge!

French Fun Days- Learning a new language is as exciting as teaching it.

Wooden Ships, Iron Men- The ships have come together, and strike the sails!

Fast but not Furious- The Mechanics are at work.

Chess- The concentration is UNREAL!

Games Design Workshop- Programming is a lot harder than it looks!

Canada- Whales, hot meals and now Glaciers?

Warhammer- Mr Gokool is still the star of the group, as seen evidently in this photo.

CCF- The cadets are shooting guns at St Martin’s Training Area.












Lights, Camera, Animate- A blue sheet of paper is a better start than most.

MGS and the Chocolate Factory- the Brownies have been made, and my hunger kicked in. 









Feel The Force- The group is on a long trip to London; let’s hope

there are no long traffic jam.  

Mathematical Problems and Puzzles- Ouch!