The MGS Blog – Monday 3 July

Midsummer Mayhem:    - Shreek! It's looking good for the mid-summer mayhem production group, with expressive and over exaggerated language during practice.

Basketball: - Nothing but hoops! An Overhead shot. Impressive but is it good enough for the final?

Maths fun and games:

E=MC2   Mathematical puzzles and games are looking difficult. Good luck with those daily challenges.

Warhammer:   Mr Gokool says “It’s all about communication but really I am the star of this and it’s about me."  War is about to start; once they’ve got their figures painted. Warhammer introduces painting and fighting in a completely unique style of game!

MGS and the Chocolate Factory: - The cakes are starting to bake...

Feel The Force: - Someone hits the first gold target of the week, but who was it?? 

In The News:  First day of writing, my hands hurt already.

Sports Media: Enthralling battle of touch rugby today.

French Frenzy: Bonjour! Comment allez-vous? The French Fun Days this year features only the best language this world has ever seen, apart from Anglais, of course ;). Un deux cool for you. 

Conan Doyle: can't believe the amount of reading in the library this ELW.

Wooden Ships, Iron men:  I see no ships, but I will at the end of the week!