Daily blog day 4+


On Thursday, The RAF squadron had their air experience and then visited the RAF bomb disposal Harrier centre. Impressive photo, a good time was had by all.


Today at rowing, the twelve students were either learning Quad or four rowing styles up and down the river through the town, depending on what they had done the day before. There was a boy called Henry learning to row solo in his own single seat rowing boat. A splashing time was had – is Mr Tomkins about to fall out?

Wooden Ships, Iron Men

Is morale is faltering? The ships battle on.

In the news

The Deadline Is Getting Close! We will make it… watch out for the end result. Our roving reporters are busy making the final edits.

Creative Pop

Today Creative Pop have been in the computer room doing some graphics design and putting up some of their displays!

Fast but not Furious

Testing has begun for the fast cars…it all looks fun.


Game, set and match!

Adventure Kent

Today they are at Bowles Outdoor Centre on the low ropes and climbing!

Feel the Force

Another trip to the science museum!

Sports Media

Today the team are making their videos and presentations!

Lights Camera Animate

Lights Camera Animate are currently building their sets, one of which is to do with a prisoner and a donut (it is also a key). He uses it to escape and then gets chased by a dog. Then a granny comes up and hits him with a table. They seem to be doing lots very quickly although I cannot 100% tell.

Computer Games Design Workshop

Having fun with Mr. Goddard playing (and making) computer games.       

MGS and the Chocolate Factory

Grating chocolate and cracking eggs sounds egg-cellent; they're having a cracking time.