Daily blog day 3

Mid-summer mayhem

Today in mid-summer mayhem, costumes were worn and dress rehearsals were started. With Jamie Reed as Peter pan, George Tilley as Wendy, Elliot Stedman as Hook and Bradley Tingley as Smee.


On Wednesday morning, the In the News group went to The golf club in Maidstone - lots of activities were going on from gym work to hitting down the driving range. Mr Holmes also made an appearance in his new ride; a very speedy golf buggy. The person who hit the furthest was Kit Warner with a hit of over 170m in the air breaking 200 with a roll.

Wooden Ships, Iron Men

The Ships have been constructed, and they’ve set sail – let battle commence.


Two professional chess players have visited our school passing their skills down.  The chess players will have a competition at the end of Wednesday and at the end of Friday.

Conan Doyle

The MGS library was full with students, all wanting to have a go at Conan Doyle. Are they still enjoying it or having second thoughts! The day actually started with reading, and ended with reading. In fact, the entire day was practically reading with a film thrown in to the mix. Tuesday got a bit more exciting, with a murder mystery activity for the entire day. Let’s see what the rest of the week brings.


Not much information on the basketball tournament was gathered, but I did find out that the red team won, during the first half of the week at least….

Fast but not Furious

The Mechanics are at work with Fast but not Furious with cars now powered and working On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the students are going to laser cut their cars, ready for the race on Friday. The parts are going to be drilled or glued together and then painted.


We visited the tennis and it looked great fun! It was run by Mr Willmott and Mr Dorofeev, so they were in for a fun week. Many had been playing tennis for a long time but others not so much, so it was good fun watching people with different abilities play with one another! Is there an Andy Murray in the making!

Adventure Kent

The lads at Adventure Kent are having a brilliant time mountain biking in Bedgebury!

Feel the Force

Currently shooting rockets into space and making kites!

Creative pop

A new day a new display!


Warhammer are taking a trip to the Games Workshop but rumours are spreading that Mr Gokool will also be buying them a McDonalds in the meantime! 

Lights Camera Animate Just started the videos and they are doing brilliantly. Can't wait to see the finished product.