So what is on offer this year….?


Duration: 5 days
Cost: £125-£150 approx. payable in advance of the week Adventure Kent offers students a week of outdoor sports and activities including climbing, sailing, canoeing, rafting, hiking, mountain biking and mountain climbing. Students should expect to learn many new skills, push their physical limits, make new friends and have a great adventure!


Duration: 2.5 days
Cost: £0
Horse, 21, Round the World, Streetball 3-on-3, full court... Interested in many different approaches to Basketball? Then this camp is for you. After a brief introductory history of the game’s invention, we will develop fundamental skills: pivoting, passing, dribbling, shooting, and rebounding.
After fundamentals development, competitions begin in the Sports Hall, with teams changing frequently, allowing a range of games throughout the day. A mini-fives tournament will complete the competition. After lunch, we’ll cool down with videos like Under the Rim (a history of the short man in professional basketball), and Basketball Bloopers and Blunders.
You’ll need good appropriate footwear, changes of T-shirts and socks, a towel, water bottle, and sports tape for weak knees or ankles. Prepare to run, jump, and perspire in copious volumes!


Duration: 2.5 days
Cost: £20 payable in advance of the week for professional coaches
Chess is over 1000 years old and its worldwide popularity has never been greater due to the internet. Anyone can play against anyone anywhere in the world on a smartphone. It's more than just a game though and learning chess has proven to help with study skills, business planning and dementia prevention in later life. As in life, one bad decision in chess can have fatal consequences, but one moment of inspiration can open a door to long term success.
We will teach you to play the game if you don't know already, how to avoid careless mistakes and some master tactics to crush your opponents. There will be explanations at appropriate levels and puzzles as well as an overall competition at the end of the 2.5 days. Students will be using both boards and laptop computers.


Duration: 5 days
Cost: £0
Has creative writing always interested you? Do you love to read, and have always dreamt about writing your own short story or novella? Our focus this year is going to be on creating an anthology of tales for children. This won’t just be writing; during the week we will focus on the advance skills required, as well as learning about the process of editing, illustrating and publishing.
If those rare creative writing lessons for you in English simply don’t feel long enough, then this is for you!


Duration: 2.5 days
Cost: £0
We will spend a week looking at the art of debating, exploring modern political/ethical/moral issues, as well as learning the technical aspects of high level debating, including the ESU, MUN, Oxford and Cambridge styles. For those of you aspiring to be lawyers or have a career in politics, then this is a must. But really,
learning the skills to present and debate in public is vital for everyone in today’s openly communicative world.
After learning all the basics, groups will embark on a series of fierce mini-competitions.


Duration: 5 days
Cost: £20 payable in advance of the week
Well, it’s time to stir up the dust, extended learning week is back. This year for a technological emphasis, we are going to design, develop, manufacture and compete with some simple vehicles.
You will have the opportunity to find real skills in making things go faster. Using some pre-manufactured components and your imagination, you will create your own vehicles.
In teams, you will race against the competition. As well as the fame, prizes will be available in a series of categories. Rejoice when you win even if you are not first past the post.
It’s hands on and flat out. You will maximise the benefits of your design to achieve this. At the end of the week, your simple vehicle will be yours to keep, assuming you have not destroyed it on the assault course!!


Duration: 5 days
Cost: £0
In this activity, we will give students the opportunity to be a ‘Prof de Français’ in two local primary schools and use what they have learned to devise a series of fun and educational activities for primary school pupils.
By planning a carousel of activities, our students will be able to share their knowledge of French and of the francophone world in a creative way: the teaching of numbers through a song, teaching pupils to play ‘pétanque’ in French… Students will be in charge of the creation, the preparation and the teaching, with our support. The idea is that they will use as much French as possible and engage primary pupils in learning French.


Duration: 5 days
Cost: £20
Working with lecturers from Hadlow College, students will get the chance to work with the genetics of plants during hands on experiments with crops currently being explored in their laboratories. This is about exploring genetics and how science can be used to truly push the boundaries of what is possible for research purposes, but also to protect the future of our planet!


Duration: 5 days
Cost: £55 payable in advance of the week
Golf’s winning combination of exercise, sporting skill and social interaction make it the perfect sport for good health and happiness. The Golf Academy is for beginners or golfers of any standard.
Golfers with recognised handicaps are encouraged to sign up for this fabulous week which is designed to develop golfing techniques and skills at all levels. Monday to Thursday, you will be in small groups rotating around 5 activities (driving, video analysis, chipping, putting and keep fit) all under the tuition of PGA qualified professionals at the Tudor Park Golf Club, Bearsted. Friday will be Tournament Day for the 4 golfing activities and a golf competition on the course for the best golfer with a recognised handicap.
Prizes for winners!
Those taking part will have to arrange dropping off and collection from Tudor Park each day. If you want to fine-tune your game for the summer ahead, or want to learn and play golf for the first time, join The Golf Academy!


Duration: 2.5 days
Cost: Students will be expected to bring their own ingredients
During MGS’ own version of the hit TV show, students will learn key cookery skills and compete in exciting challenges.
Students will work on their artistry and flair, but also on the science of baking, hygiene and teamwork. It will be a busy 2.5 days, but by the end of the week, we will have crowned our champions!


Duration: 5 days
Cost: £20 payable in advance of the week
This will be your chance to explore more of the wonderful world of Ancient Greece. There will be a focus on Ancient History, Politics, and Philosophy, as well as trips out of school,including the British Museum and some work with the University of Cambridge. Classical civilisations are at the heart of the modern world, and this a chance to really develop a wealth of cultural understanding that can pay dividends academically in the future.


Duration: 5 days
Cost: £0
Only for the really curious… This is a chance for students to complete a recognised qualification in academic research. Working with Mr Ferguson in the library and ICT rooms, it is a chance for our most ambitious and academic Maidstonians to be taught how to research and write essays like a university undergraduate.
This will culminate in a research essay that will probably spill into the summer holidays, but if you stick at it, you gain a recognised qualification from a GCSE exam board. This isn’t just having an interest; you are gaining proof for your future CV. Your research project can be on anything you want…


Duration: 5 days
Cost: £0
Students will gain the unique opportunity to fully devise their own short film. They will compete in small groups to develop scripts, plan production, perform and record, learn the skills for post-production and finally complete their masterpiece. Students will learn a vast array of skills, including technical proficiency with editing software. This is a chance to fully understand and explore the world of film beyond Hollywood…


Duration: 5 days
Cost: £15 payable in advance of the week
Calling all budding actors, musicians, singers, dancers and stage managers!
It can be tough rehearsing for a play when you have homework and lessons to go to. NOW you have the opportunity to spend a whole week devoted to the fun of putting a show together, with the added excitement of performing to an appreciative audience of primary school children on the last day! Good musicians and backstage staff are essential to make the show a success. There will be opportunities to sing and dance as well as act.


Duration: 2.5 days (maximum of 12 students)
Cost: £20 payable in advance of the week
This activity is really aimed at students who have never rowed before to give them an opportunity to learn how to both row and scull. Students will initially learn rowing techniques on rowing machines and then transfer that knowledge to a boat. Students will learn about water safety, boat handling and how to move a boat efficiently. All participants must be able to swim.
The activity takes place at Maidstone Invicta
Rowing Club over 2.5 days and will culminate in some races on the final day. On Monday, Group 1 will meet at school and students will thereafter travel to/from Maidstone Invicta Rowing Club independently.
On Wednesday afternoon, Group 2 will meet at school and students will thereafter travel to/from Maidstone Invicta Rowing Club independently.


Duration: 2.5 days
Cost: £30
The Oscar-winning film ‘The Silent Child’ has caused a surge of interest in learning British Sign Language, and we have commissioned the local deaf charity Hi Kent to run a special course during Extended Learning Week. Hi Kent already has strong links to MGS and works in partnership with Kent Adult Education by teaching BSL in towns all over Kent.
British Sign Language (BSL) is a language used by more than 70,000 deaf people in the UK and is the first preferred language of the Deaf community. It is a language in its own right with its own vocabulary and structure of grammar, expressed through movement of the hands, body, face and head. It has its own grammar and principles, which are completely different from the grammatical structure of English.
Having a basic knowledge of BSL can be helpful when applying for jobs in many customer facing roles.
Learn the basics over a two-and-a-half-day course, topics will include; the alphabet, numbers, colours, greetings, travel, family and food. Teaching will be provided in a fun and interactive style, no pens or paper needed!


Duration: 5 days
Cost: £0
For all those interested in competition and analysing performances with technology and media! Be the star of your team and of your own sports video! You will be competing as a team in a number of sporting events, including: Rugby Sevens, Volleyball, Penalty Shootouts, T-Ball, and Street Hockey, to top the table and
win a trophy for your efforts.
Using video cameras, performance analysis software, GPS and statistic apps, you will be able to produce your own ‘Match of the Day’ or ‘Sky Sports’ style programme detailing the events of the week.
For the sportsmen and ‘techies’ amongst you!


Duration: 5 days
Cost: £20 payable in advance of the week
We want to give students the chance to create their own science project with expert guidance on hand to support. Students will have time to explore their area of interest, take a trip to the Science Museum and plan, before embarking on their own STEM project and presenting it.
STEM is the country’s leading organisation in supporting schools with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We want students with a passion for science to be supported in challenging preconceived ideas and asking new questions through experiments.


Duration: 5 days
Cost: £0
Ever wanted to be in a band? Maybe you have always just loved the idea of being with a band, supporting them through the technical aspects of their shows. Well, even if it is just you and you have never been part of a band, now is your chance! Come and join the School of Rock, build a band, rehearse, film music videos and perform, culminating in a recording of your own CD. Don’t sit there and let your dreams pass you by; come and join the band!


Duration: 5 days
Cost: £55 payable in advance of the week
South-Eastern Tennis coaches will be offering an intensive week of tennis coaching during the MGS Extended Learning Week this summer at Penenden Heath.
Students will have an opportunity to continue either playing for fun by hiring courts, going to Summer Holiday Camps, or playing in competitions at the excellent public facilities at Penenden Heath, or Maidstone Lawn Tennis Club in Allington.
Boys will need to arrange their own transport to and from Penenden Heath and provide their own drinks and lunches.


Duration: 5 days
Cost: £0, but students provide their own models and materials such as paint.
Warhammer is a table top strategy board game played with dice and models. We will be spending a week learning how to play Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. Monday will be spent getting to know each other, learning the basics of playing the game, with the rest of the week painting models and playing.
A visit to Games Workshop in Maidstone will be arranged to look at models and structures.
We will learn how to play the game (at all levels) and how to paint models during the week.


Duration: 5 days
You can gain the documentation to for this via the main school reception, but this is the week identified each year for Y10s to go off and gain some valuable work experience. It is so important to have this when looking to apply to university in the future - we really do believe this is what most Y10 students should be aspiring to complete during Extended Learning Week. It won’t be possible for everyone, but if you have an opportunity, take it now over the other options available.


Please be aware, you may also be involved with the following:
- CCF Army Summer Camp
- CCF RAF Summer Camp
- CCF Navy Trip to Clyde Feet Tender
- Tossa de Mar Spanish Trip
- Sicily Trip
- French Alps Trip