Adventure Kent





Duration: 5 days                                                                                                       

Cost: £150 payable in advance of the week

Adventure Kent runs over 5 days and offers climbing, sailing, canoeing, rafting, high ropes and mountain biking. You will have the opportunity to take part in these exciting activities in and around Kent.  No previous experience necessary, just a willingness to test yourself.  Expect to learn many new skills, push your physical limits, make new friends and have a great adventure!

The Great MGS Bake Off




Days: 2.5 days                                                                                     

Cost: £2.50 payable in advance of the week

 Food Glorious Food

Hot Sausage & Mustard

While we’re in the mood

Cold Jelly & Custard….. ………………………..Not exactly what we’ll be up to but:

Following the format of BBC Bake Off, you will compete against each other to win the coveted ‘Star Baker’. You will take part in ‘The Technical Challenge’, baking from a recipe not seen before and then, of course, produce your ‘Show Stopper’ . We will all be tasting and judging each other’s efforts to produce an overall winner.

This is a tremendous chance for bakers, chefs and anyone who just simply enjoys eating cakes, biscuits and breads to learn and improve their baking skills. You will then be able to take your delicious goodies home after each day.

The Great MGS Bake Off will be artistic, creative, practical, and above all, a competition, so…….

On your marks, Get Set BAKE!!!

 All you will need is an apron and ingredients for your ‘Showstopper’. Ingredients for ‘Technical Challenge’ will be provided.

Basketball Camp



Days:  2.5 days

Cost: £0

Horse, 21, Round the World, Streetball 3-on-3, full court...  Interested in many different approaches to Basketball?  Then this camp is for you.  After a brief introductory history of the game’s invention, we will develop fundamental skills:  pivoting, passing, dribbling, shooting, and rebounding.

After fundamentals development, competitions begin in the Sports Hall, with teams changing frequently, allowing a range of games throughout the day.  A mini-fives tournament will complete the competition.  After lunch, we’ll cool down in the Lecture Theatre with videos like Under the Rim (a history of the short man in professional basketball), and Basketball Bloopers and Blunders.

You’ll need good appropriate footwear, changes of T-shirts and socks, a towel, water bottle, and sports tape for weak knees or ankles.  Prepare to run, jump, and perspire in copious volumes!

Board Games




Days:  2.5 days

Cost: £0

Medieval warfare, financial power, cultural exchange, and gladiators are just some of the genres of games that we will play.  Enjoy being a wily and ruthless tyrant?  Skilled at deception and trade to build up personal wealth and prestige?  Or maybe you’d like to try hand-to-hand mayhem in the Roman Coliseum?  Maybe some world domination?  Then these games are for you.  Both individual players and team play a factor into an overall weekly scoreboard... with certificates awarded to the top three players.





Duration: 5 days

Cost: £3 payable in advance of the week

Bridge, the card game that will blow your mind. Spend the week learning how to play bridge – everything from simple dealing and shuffling, to playing the cards and, perhaps most important of all, how to chat legally with your partner, otherwise known as bidding, and how to push your opponents too far. There's lots to learn and remember, but well worth the effort.  If you like card playing, then this is the ultimate competitive game. By the Friday, you should be ready to play in a competition.

Golf Academy





Duration: 5 days

Cost: £55 payable in advance of the week

Golf’s winning combination of exercise, sporting skill and social interaction make it the perfect sport for good health and happiness. The Golf Academy is for beginners, or golfers of any standard.  Monday to Thursday, you will be in small groups rotating around 4 activities (driving, video analysis, chipping and putting) all under the tuition of PGA qualified professionals at the Tudor Park Golf Club, Bearsted. Friday will be Tournament Day on all 4 activities, with prizes for winners!

Those taking part will have to arrange dropping off and collection from Tudor Park each day.  If you want to fine-tune your game for the summer ahead, or want to learn and play golf for the first time, join The Golf Academy!

I’m an MGS Student…Get Me Out of Here!





Duration 5 days

Cost: approx. £35 payable in advance of the week

Have you watched those survival programmes on television and wondered how you would do?  What you would be like if you had to handle spiders, snakes and giant bugs? Or run through an obstacle course for your team?  How about lighting fires, building shelters, finding food?  Or how about those eating challenges? Well, here is your opportunity to find out.

During the 5 days, we will have a “Bug Man” come in to show us his collection of creatures and how to handle them, a trip to the Natural History Museum to help understand the natural world around us, a Bush craft day (led by a seasoned expert with some jungle treats to eat), along with fun activities involving obstacle courses, challenges and team building exercises. Please wear/bring comfortable cool clothing and some clothes you don’t mind getting very dirty.

Indulge your sense of adventure!

In the News



Duration: 5 days

Cost: £0

Do you fancy yourself as a Newspaper Editor or an Interviewer?   Well, this may be your opportunity to do both – along with any other super job in the Media World of the Electronic Newspaper. 

During Extended Learning Week, you will be part of a team running a daily blog on the various activities that are taking place in and around the school.  You will also produce a Newspaper on Friday which will hopefully bring together all that has been happening and give the results of competitions.  There will be opportunities to go around and interview staff and students and photograph the different exciting things that are taking place. 

There will also be an introduction to the KM Media Group Newspapers in Gillingham, where you will get the chance to meet an editorial team, speak to a reporter and see the process of a news story from shorthand notes to print.  You will also get to meet the Kent-on-Line news team and see how the online stories now attract over 2 million unique users per month.  You will also have the added bonus of meeting the KMFM radio news team.

So, if you fancy yourself as the next big Media Mogul, sign up!

Let’s Get Digital!



Duration: 5 days

Cost: £0

During the week, you can experience Digital activities with the freedom to explore new skills, or further develop some existing skills, using software not always used in Computing and ICT lessons e.g. Flash Animation, Photoshop and Game Maker.

You will develop existing skills; sharing knowledge with your peers (more experienced students helping younger less experienced students). You will create digital products, for example, one idea is to use images taken around the school to produce an MGS calendar. This would involve you using your own mobile devices (take images of the school), using software to manipulate or enhance them and to print a final product.  Other activities include creating games using Game Maker/Scratch software and animations using Flash.

You can work on your own project through the week, or complete a number of mini projects.  You can work in pairs, or if necessary, in a group.  Whatever you decide to do, you will develop, explore and experiment with software at your own pace on projects that interest and excite you. So sign up for Extended Learning Week and ‘Let’s Get Digital’.

Library Life Through the Lens



Duration: 5 days

Cost: £0

Join us and create stunning photographic collages representing the life and works of your chosen ‘subjects'. These might be authors, academics, scientists, or world events. Your oversized works of Art will inform, inspire and colour the library.

Research, create, inspire and enjoy!

“Lights, Camera, Animate!”





Duration: 5 days

Cost: £10 payable in advance of the week

Stop motion animation is an art form which has seen a number of successes in the modern film industry, “Shaun the Sheep Movie” receiving an Oscar nomination last year for Best Animated Feature.  Despite new technologies in CGI, stop motion is still a popular animation method, involving the creation of models and using slight movements and photographs to create moving images.  In this 5 day activity, you will be given the chance to become an animator, to devise your own film narrative and iconic ‘clay-mation’ characters, and then to animate them.  This will be a great opportunity for anyone with an artistic talent, and interest in filmmaking, animation or storytelling.  The end result will be an animated film we can all be very proud of, with a red carpet premiere screening, of course.

Midsummer Mayhem




Duration: 5 days

Cost: £15 payable in advance of the week

Calling all budding actors, musicians, singers, dancers and stage managers!

It can be tough rehearsing for a play when you have homework and lessons to go to.  NOW you have the opportunity to spend a whole week devoted to the fun of putting a show together, with the added excitement of performing to an appreciative audience of primary school children on the last day. Based on Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, our summer panto will include the very evil Mustapha Lot, the heroic Ali Baba himself, his larger than life mother, Dame Barbara Baba, the exotic Sultan Vin Egur and the ridiculous Hoo Wazee the Wazir (who was ‘ere).  And, if you take the hump, there will be Carmel the Camel!

Good musicians and backstage staff are essential to make the show a success. There will be opportunities to sing and dance as well as act.

MGS Sports Media Week




Duration: 5 days

Cost: £0

Two and a half days of multi-sports competitions. Students will be using technology to analyse aspects of their own and other people’s performances. This could include distance covered, speed, passes made, goals scored, etc.

There will be a further two and a half days of collating data and producing a Match of the Day style TV show, magazine or newspaper publication based on the events of the previous two and half days. Alternatively, students may produce reports on MGS sports performances that have occurred this academic year.

This is not just for the sportsmen, but also for those students interested in the media, technology and statistics…… for future Sky Sports employees!

Play it Loud! – A Technology Enhanced Week




Duration: 5 days

Cost: £0

During this week, you will be undertaking a range of Technology projects. If you enjoy the challenges of practical activities and want to make things that are yours to keep, this is the activity for you. You will be using tools and equipment to make high quality products.

These are based upon making a noise, or an even greater noise!!!

Starting with some simple devices, you will move on to making more complex devices.  Some will prove curious, but we cannot tell you about those just yet as that would spoil the fun.

We can tell you that these things will be included:

One will involve making a radio that you can listen to. The sound will be high quality FM.

One will involve amplification of voice and music. You will construct a stereo audio amplifier and speakers. This can be connected to your phone to let your parents or guardians enjoy your quality music.

So please choose this option if you want to enjoy hands-on excitement, fun and something with which to blast the neighbourhood.

School of Rock





Duration: 5 days

Cost: £0

Do you see yourself as a budding rock star, a rock producer, or simply want to join a band? Then the School of Rock is for you. Whether you are a complete beginner, or already in a band, we will help you progress to the next level. During the week, you will become a member of a band, learn or create a song, perform it and record your own single. You will learn how to record music effectively and how to perform live. This week will give you a good insight into the music industry.  The week will include:

  • Practising playing in a band with other students
  • Learning to record instruments
  • Performance as a group
  • Support from experienced rock band members from the upper school

If this exciting activity is for you then select the School of Rock for Extended Learning Week.




Duration: 5 days

Cost: £55 payable in advance of the week

South-Eastern Tennis coaches will be offering an intensive week of tennis coaching during the MGS Extended Learning Week this summer.

The idea is to teach those with limited experience the basic strokes and rules allowing them to play a game.

(Other more advanced players may learn specialist strokes and tactics and compete in fun competitions).

Students will have an opportunity to continue either playing for fun by hiring courts, going to Summer Holiday Camps, or playing in competitions at the excellent public facilities at Penenden Heath, or Maidstone Lawn Tennis Club in Allington. 

Boys will need to arrange their own transport to and from the venue and provide their own drinks and lunch.

The Big Bang




Duration: 5 Days

Cost: £25 payable in advance of the week

Come to ‘The Big Bang Fair South East 2016’! A day of exciting and fun-filled shows, interactive displays and hands-on workshops based around Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

Another day at the Science Museum will help us to discover how engineers are shaping your future, find out whether food controls you – why do we have weird and wonderful cravings? Experience Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings and technological visions brought to life.

Before the fair and museum trip, winners of the MGS Science Fair will prepare to showcase their projects at ‘The Big Bang Fair’. Other interested students will complete a range of STEM-based fun challenges and activities.

Theatrically Creative (Supporting Ali Baba)





Duration: 5 days

Cost: £15 payable in advance of the week                                                                

Are you creative with lots of imagination? Can you paint, draw, design, build, handle tools, make special effects work, invent things? Are you able to work fast and accurately at lots of different tasks?  If you are able to do any, some, or all of these, or want to learn, then apply to join the Theatrical Props and Wardrobe team that will be supporting the Midsummer Mayhem Panto, making the costumes, designing and building the sets, props and special effects for Ali Baba.

Ideas guys especially welcome!






Duration: 5 days

Cost: £0, but students provide their own models and materials such as paint.

Warhammer is a table top strategy board game played with dice and models.  We will be spending a week learning how to play Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and The Hobbit games. Monday will be spent getting to know each other, learning the basics of playing the game, or trying out one of the other games you may not have played yet.

A visit to Games Workshop in Maidstone will be arranged to look at models and structures. We will learn how to play the game (at all levels) and how to paint models.