Extended Learning Week

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious”
Albert Einstein


What is it all about?

Extended Learning Week is for everyone, no matter what your interest or passion. It is a chance for all at MGS to rejoice in shared learning experiences together, outside of the usual curriculum. We want to give students and staff the opportunity to extend and develop their knowledge, skills, cultural and social experiences outside of what is normally needed to be covered in the classroom. It has become an established part of life at MGS and we can’t wait for it to start again this summer!

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What is the theme this year?

This year, while we have our usual expansive array of activities going on, we really want students to start thinking about what their passion really is. What is that thing that deep down, they really want to know more about? It might not be something they talk about that often, but as our boys develop into young men, we want them to be proud of their interests! Maybe it is a love of sport, or race car engineering, a language, writing poetry or anything from a multitude of interests that we know these boys have. Blending into the background and just doing what everyone else does is easy; why not be curious, daring and explore what you love learning about? This is what being part of Maidstone Grammar School is all about!

How does the week work?

Normal school rules and expectations apply during this week, as in any other week. However, staff and students are permitted to wear smart and casual clothes, or specific clothing, as directed by your activity leader and the task that you are doing.
Normal attendance and punctuality rules apply. There will be registration at the start of the day and after lunch and it will be completed by your activity leader. Your Extended Learning Week base becomes the equivalent of your form room for the week.
Latecomers must sign in with a senior member of staff at the School Office.

Extended Learning week form: