Study Skills

Study Skills-Top Tips

One of the most important aspects of successful exam preparation is developing good study techniques. Students may find the following tips useful:

  • Find a suitable place to do your revision. Ideally you should have a quiet, well lit study area.
  • Some people find that quiet background music helps them to concentrate but you should avoid noisy distractions such as the TV.
  • Have all of your study items ready before you start – pens, pencils, rubbers, paper, books etc.
  • As soon as you have information on the exam timetable, draw up your own revision timetable. Ideally, you should plan revision slots which are a maximum of one hour long to maximise concentration. Make sure that you take a 10-15 minute break between each revision slot and allow yourself time off for relaxation so that you do not exhaust yourself.
  • When revising, mix up difficult tasks/topics/subjects with easier ones to help you keep focused. Don’t put off tasks which you don’t want to do – these are often the areas you need to devote more time to. When you start a task try to finish it in the same sitting.
  • Before you start revising, make sure that all of your class books are complete and up to date.