Cadet Terms of Service



Contingent Commander: Maj P Highway


Terms of Service for Students joining the Contingent 2018


1. A cadet is expected to attend parades on Thursdays regularly and punctually. Training Parade is immediately after period 5 at 1535 and all members agree to read and abide by the Code of Conduct that has been approved by the school senior management.


2. If it is known in advance that a cadet can not be present on parade for an important reason a form requesting leave of absence should be handed in via the CCF office – ideally before the parade concerned. If a cadet is absent for an unforeseen reason a form should be completed and handed into the CCF letter box at the rear of the CCF office on return to school. These forms can be collected by the cadet from the CCF office.


A telephone call to notify the CCF Section Officer of absence on training days is always helpful.


3. Deliberate absence from a Thursday parade, Annual Inspection, a Field Day (which may involve travel on the previous day) or any other organised CCF event without satisfactory explanation will be regarded as a breach of school discipline (as it would be for truancy from a school lesson). If we have not been informed of a cadet’s intended absence from training when they have attended a full day in school, we are naturally concerned about their whereabouts & welfare. Such a breach of school discipline could result in the cadet attending a Defaulter’s Parade or a school detention either after school or at lunchtime.


4. Cadets are responsible for the uniform, equipment, manuals, and any other stores issued to them for the duration of their service in the CCF or on temporary loan. In the event of loss or damage not attributed to fair wear and tear, they will be expected to replace the items or make payment for the cost of replacement.


5. A cadet should intend to remain a member of the contingent under these terms of service until they have attended the Recruit Camp. After this camp a cadet may exercise the option to leave at any time up to Christmas but must bring a letter from their parents, to the Contingent Commander, stating their intention to leave with parental agreement. A contingent discharge form can then be completed & arrangements can be made to hand back any kit & equipment.


6. If a cadet elects to remain a member of the CCF after Christmas and then subsequently wishes to leave, a letter requesting this must come from their parents to the Contingent Commander. A discharge form will be issued and all uniform & equipment belonging to the Contingent must be returned at this point.


7. It is the cadet’s responsibility to ensure, week by week, that they know what activities are occurring and where they take place. They must read the weekly training orders. They must be dressed in the complete and correct uniform for the activities once the uniform has been issued. The cadet must be properly and smartly dressed both on and off the school premises; mixed dress, i.e. military and civilian dress is not permitted at any time. Hair is expected to be in line with Cadet Regulations, which requires it to be short, smart, neat & tidy.


8. It is the cadet’s responsibility to ensure that reply slips for exercises and camps etc. are returned promptly.


9. These Terms of Service will continue to apply whilst the cadet remains in the contingent. For cadets in the sixth form or year 11 under pressure from public exams, conditions for attendance and requests for leave of absence may be arranged with the Officer Commanding the appropriate section.


P Highway




Contingent Commander