Careers Information

Careers and work related education is essential to the preparation of young people for transition to adulthood, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to enter and thrive in the working world. Young people are increasingly concerned with the role of education in occupational success. They want to see the relevance of education to their future lives, and they want assurance that what they are learning is developing their employability. Careers education and work-related education provides the connection between learning and earning, which is a strong motivator for many.

MGS is committed to providing a high quality careers and work related education programme for all students.

As such:

  • We employ a full-time, professionally qualified Careers and Enterprise Manager, who is responsible for all aspects of careers and work related education within the school
  • We have a current Careers and Work Related Learning Policy which is consistent with statutory guidance and relevant national frameworks and we deliver a comprehensive careers and work related education programme to all students. (See Careers Education and Work Related Learning section)
  • We provide a structured programme of careers guidance interviews for all students in school (See Careers Information, Advice & Guidance section)
  • We ensure that all students have access to impartial careers information, through resources in our school Careers Library and online careers software and websites (see Careers Resources and Higher Education sections)
  • We hold the ‘Investor in Careers’ award – a national quality standard for careers excellence in schools


For specific information, advice and guidance regarding careers, work related learning, further and higher education or employment, please contact:

Mrs. S. Acaster (Careers and Enterprise Manger)

[email protected]

Tel: 01622 752101 (ext. 211)