Committee & Meetings

Parents’ Association Meetings

We hold Committee Meetings every month, except August, and hold our Annual General Meeting in October each year.  All parents are more than welcome. Please contact for further details, or apologies.


Date of meetingMinutes of meetingAgenda

16th of September

  Action points 16th September 2019 


MGSPA Agenda 160919 


11th of March   MGSPA 11th of March Meeting 2019 

Agenda for MGSPA Meeting on11th March 2019

4th February    4th February 2019 MGSPA Meeting 2019 

Agenda for MGSPA Meeting on 4th February 2019 

14th January  MGSPA Meeting 15th-of January-2019   
8th January  Minutes-of-MGSPA-Meeting-8th-January 2018  
5th February  Minutes of MGSPA Meeting 5th February 2018  
5th March  Minutes of MGSPA Meeting 5th March 2018  PA Meeting Agenda 5th March 2018
9th July Minutes of MGSPA Meeting 9th July 2018  
10th September  Minutes of MGSPA Meeting 10th September 2018  
12th November Minutes of MGSPA Meeting 12th November 2018  Action Points 12th November 2018