Flying & Gliding

Whilst we are a large section, we still aim to ensure that every cadet will go flying and/or gliding at least once a year.

Flying takes place in the Grob tutor at 5 AEF (Air Experience Flight) RAF Wyton in Cambridgeshire, whilst cadets attend 615 VGS (Venture Gliding School) at RAF Kenley (South london) to fly Viking gliders via winch launch.

Tutor T Mark 1 Viking T1 Vigilant T1

Opportunities are also available for week long gliding scholarships, where cadets may be able to go solo in either the Viking or Vigilant Glider. Upon successful completion of a gliding scholarship, cadets are also able to apply for the Air Cadet Pilot Scheme or Pilot Navigation Scheme. This will give them around 22 hours of free flying training.