Training Syllabus

Basic Training

The cadets receive instruction on military subjects which the cadet in the CCF is required to master in order to qualify for the Army Proficiency Certificate (APC)




Military Knowledge


Skill at Arms


Use of map and compass


Field craft


First Aid

Advanced Training

After successful completion of the APC, cadets may complete the Method of Instruction cadre, which will allow for the award of the Advanced APC and eligibility for promotion to a Junior Non-commissioned Officer (JNCO).


JNCOs may attend a Cadet Leadership Course to prepare them for promotion to a Senior Non-commissioned Officer (SNCO).  The Cadet Leadership Course is designed to develop cadets' initiative and self-reliance by using the challenging and physically demanding problems of practical leadership.  The aim of the course is to focus attention on the personal characteristics needed to lead cadets. The leadership qualities that you learn will serve you well wherever you go and whatever you do.

It is no surprise that CCF cadets often go on to become a Senior Prefect, School Vice-Captain and School Captain.

Training Courses are offered on activities as diverse as catering to rock climbing in Spain.