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Year 8 Parents Evening

4:30pm - 7:30pm
Year 8 Parents’ Evening for GCSE Course Options

Year 8 Parents’ Evening for GCSE Course Options On Wednesday 13th February between 4.30pm and 7.30pm, there will be an opportunity for you to come into school to talk to the subject staff who teach your son. Students are expected to accompany their parents. Senior staff will also be available on that evening to answer your questions, or deal with your concerns on aspects of school life. Some parking will be available on site that evening, both at the front gate, and on the basketball courts at the rear of the school. Please remember that if you park in Mote Park, you must observe the 3 hours maximum parking rule otherwise you will be charged by the company who operate the car park for Maidstone Leisure Centre.

We will operate an appointments system for this evening and staff will be grouped into the Big Hall and the top and bottom corridors in the main part of the school. Appointments will be 3 minutes long allowing staff to see up to 60 parents across the evening. A bell will be rung at the end of each appointment to help staff keep to time so as not to keep parents waiting unduly. The key purpose of these appointments will be to discuss your son’s suitability for GCSE courses in subjects where they are optional, or his progress towards achieving GCSEs in the compulsory subjects.

Unfortunately, some staff teach more than one Year 8 group and therefore it will not be possible always for you to see every member of staff who teaches your son, though you will certainly be able to see most. It may be sensible to prioritise seeing the members of staff in those subjects where a decision has still to be made about whether your son takes the course at GCSE. Appointments will be bookable electronically through ‘Insight’. Details of how to do so are in the attached guide. Booking of appointments will open at 3.30pm on Wednesday 6th February and will close at 10 am on Wednesday 13th February. If you are not registered on Insight, you need to do so quickly. Please follow the instructions on the school website. If you do not have access to internet facilities to book appointments, please contact Mrs Theresa Sime at school who will facilitate your bookings to see staff. Regarding appointments, please note the following:

  •  Mr D Martin (Assistant Head) will have a desk available in the School Hall for any parents to ‘drop in’ to discuss GCSE options.
  •  Miss R Johnson (Assistant Head) will not be available to meet parents of students that she teaches. As she shares all her teaching groups, the other teachers will meet parents so that Miss Johnson is free to meet anyone who would like to discuss any issues raised at Parents’ Evening.
  •  Mrs M Kenny will not be available on this occasion.
  • Mr M Tomkins will be meeting the parents of his Mathematics class (8R).
  •  Due to Mr Baines and Miss Dimmick teaching so many Year 8 Science classes, please can appointments only be made by parents who have serious concerns, or who are really torn between Double and Triple Science. We look forward to seeing you on 13th February and hope that you will find this a valuable opportunity to learn more about your son’s progress.


We look forward to seeing you on 13th February and hope that you will find this a valuable opportunity to learn more about your son’s progress.