Reading is an integral part of our broad and well-rounded curriculum. Without it there would be little of our academic curriculum at MGS; no classics, no geography, little science and so on.

We champion reading as a vital life skill; reading to learn; reading for pleasure; reading for advancement; reading to expand horizons. We believe that reading with fluency is the foundation upon which Maidstonians build their Learning Habits and a life-long passion for learning.

The academic enrichment listed below embeds reading throughout a Maidstonian’s time in education at MGS.


‘Fourteen by 14’ Reading Challenge

‘Fourteen by 14’ is our reading challenge for all Year 7, 8 and 9 students. It runs until the end of Year 9 when students are 14 years of age.

Maidstonians receive their Fourteen by 14 Reading Passport in Year 7. This passport enables the student to complete a short review of each book and the school to verify what has been read. House points are awarded after each finished book and a prize and certificate are issued when the challenge has been completed.

Multiple copies of all of the texts are available to withdraw from the school library. There is no requirement for students to read the texts in a particular set order and they are encouraged to read at their own pace.


Super Curriculum Reading Lists

The term ‘Super Curriculum’ is widely used by educational settings to describe the reading, research and exploration of academic subjects above and beyond the narrow curriculum content prescribed by exam board specifications.

At MGS, we encourage all Maidstonians to develop their academic interests more widely. Students who read up on and extend their knowledge of a favourite topic, who watch a related documentary, who visit a relevant exhibition or who explore good quality academic websites are all engaging in the Super Curriculum. These types of activities help to shape our students into interested and interesting young people and often spark a long term interest in or love of a particular subject.



JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources accessible to Maidstonians and staff.

Our teachers in the Upper School (Years 11-13) regularly use flipped learning to share JSTOR papers with Maidstonians. On occasion this also happens in the Lower School. This approach encourages students to read and engage with introductory information through self-study prior to their lesson, allowing our teachers, who are experts in their fields, to spend less time covering the basics and more time exploring topics in far greater depth.