Our Vision, Ethos & Values

Our vision, ethos and values at MGS can be categorised into two main areas, or pillars: Inspire to Learn and Inspire to Belong. We aim to inspire our students to love learning, to be curious within the classroom and to ask challenging questions. We want them to be independent, know how to respond to feedback and see the connections across different subjects. Alongside this we also inspire our students to belong to their school – ensuring they feel safe and supported, having respect for one another, and having a sense of identity. We want them to give service and leadership to their community, to get involved in the wider life of the school and to go on being a better version of themselves each day. But above all, acting as the foundation of these pillars, we at MGS value our history and our traditions. When we walk around the school each day we know that we are walking in the footprints of the generations that have gone before us. And that is why our school motto, ‘Olim Meminisse Juvabit’ ('A joy it will be one day, perhaps, to look back and remember even this' and taken from Virgil's Aeneid) means something to each and every Maidstonian that walks through the school gates.


The MGS “BARTON100” Vision

 Inspire to Learn

 Inspire to Belong

  • An aspirational culture achieving academic excellence.
  • A vibrant, enriching and expansive curriculum at all levels that meets the needs of all students and facilitates CURIOUSITY.
  • A CHALLENGING classroom environment that inspires students to learn INDEPENDENTLY.
  • Rigorous ASSESSMENT and high quality feedback that supports continual progress.
  • Staff and students’ electronic devices integral to both working and learning.
  • An aspirations programme that is stretching even the ablest of students.
  • All students able to access the sixth form.
  • All students progressing to their destination of choice when leaving MGS.
  • Well-qualified and enthusiastic staff who are keen to learn and develop.
  • A purposeful, engaging staff development programme.
  • The School is a caring and welcoming second home that makes a positive impact on the lives of students, parents and alumni.
  • All members of the MGS community are proud to be Maidstonians.
  • Four well established houses that promote a sense of belonging and identity, supporting every student whatever their needs.
  • All stakeholders' aspirations are high.
  • Positive relationships amongst all community members.
  • An enrichment programme that promotes engagement, happiness and well-being, encouraging students to LEAD and SERVE within the wider life of the School.
  • Healthy and lively competition amongst the four houses.
  • A staff body that has high professional standards with a strong sense of community.
  • High quality facilities that support learning and participation.
  • A well-established online and virtual MGS community.