Our Governing Body

All Governors are elected for a term of 4 years. Parent Governors are elected by the parent body, Staff Governors are elected by the staff body. Foundation Governors are co-opted by the Foundation body if applicable. Co-opted Governors are nominated through the Governing Body, The LA Governor is nominated by the Governing Body for approval by the LA. Associate members are nominated by the Governing Body.

Governor Term of Office Appointed by Chair/Vice Chair Committees Attendance % at FGB (September 2020 - August 2021) Declaration of Interests
Mayor of Maidstone Ex officio Foundation Governor Mayor of Maidstone     25%  None
Emma Adams  25/11/19 – 24/11/23 Staff Governor (elected by staff)   Curriculum & Development 100%  None
Paul Burbidge 26/11/18 - 25/11/22 Co-opted Governor (elected by FGB) Vice Chair of Finance, Premises & Personnel Committee Finance, Premises & Personnel  75% Gullands SolicitorSwitch Youth ServicesCoppice Primary Partnership
John Clayton 01/09/18 – 31/08/22 Foundation Governor(appointed by Old Maidstonian Society) Chair of Staff Development & Student Welfare Committee Staff Development & Student Welfare  100% Hi Kent employee, Chief Executive & Company SecretaryOld Maidstonian Society, Chair of General Committee & Secretary of the TrusteesCity of London Freeman of the City
Helen Cook 17/12/18 – 16/12/22  Parent Governor(elected by parents)   Curriculum & Development 50% None
Lindsey Evans 26/11/18– 25/11/22 Co-opted Governor(elected by FGB) Chair of Curriculum Development Committee Curriculum & Development  100% Gravitts Enterprises Ltd, Director & shareholder
Denise Friend  N/A  Clerk  N/A  N/A  N/A Spouse is a member of MGS
Linda Glenister 07/02/18 – 06/02/22 LA Governor(appointed by FGB approved by LA) Vice Chair of Curriculum & Development Committee Curriculum & Development 75% HMT Care shareholder
Sarah Hudson 13/12/20 – 12/12/24 Parent Governor(elected by parents)   Staff Development & Student Welfare 100% John Bennett Billiards Ltd, Director. T & M Borough Council, Councillor. MGS PA Chair & Trustee, Wateringbury Village Hall Trustee, T & M Conservative Association Deputy Chairman Fundraising, Maidstone & Mid Kent Sunday League Football Treasurer.
Simon Hulme 14/11/17 – 13/11/21 Co-opted Governor(elected by FGB) Chair of Finance, Premises & Personnel Committee Finance, Premises & Personnel  50% Hollingbourne Parish Council Vice Chair. Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy employee
Sally Kemp 10/12/19 - 09/12/23 Co-opted Governor(elected by FGB)   Staff Development & Student Welfare  100% None
Paul King 13/10/20 – 12/10/24  Co-opted Governor(elected by FGB)    Finance, Premis-es & Personnel  100% KPMG UK Director
Norma Lynch    27/09/20 – 26/09/24 Co-opted Staff Governor(elected by FGB)   Staff Develop-ment & Student Welfare  75%  
Ceri Norey 17/12/18 – 16/12/22 Parent Governor(elected by parents) Vice Chair of Staff De-velopment & Student Welfare Committee  Staff Develop-ment & Student Welfare  75%    Chair of Governors Lenham Parent Governor Highworth Grammar, Chair of Trust Lenham Nursery School 
Mark Rolfe 26/11/18 – 25/11/22 Co-opted Governor(elected by FGB)  Chair of Governors All Committees  100% None
Paul Smith 01/09/17 - 31/08/21 Co-opted  Governor(elected by FGB)   Curriculum & Development 100% Chair of Governors Swaff-ham CE Academy, former employee of MGS.
Mark Tomkins 01/09/12 -  Headmaster (ex officio)   Finance, Premis-es & Personnel  100% None
Jack Yu 17/12/18 – 16/12/22 Parent Governor(elected by parents)   Curriculum & Development  100%  None
Heather Cook Ex officio Associate Governor   Finance, Premises & Personnel 75% None
Robert Ferguson Ex officio Associate Governor   Curriculum & Development 75% None
Rachel Johnson Ex officio Associate Governor   Staff Development & Student Welfare 75% None