Our Development Fund

Maidstone Grammar School is a community sharing a common purpose: to prepare young people for the future. It has an excellent reputation for academic success and also provides a broad and varied extra-curricular programme in which every student has the opportunity to develop leadership skills and give service to the School. A student recently said, “Maidstone Grammar School is not just a school, it is a way of life.” Maidstone Grammar School is like an extended but close-knit family. Our aims are the same as any family’s, to keep our children safe, to meet their needs, to build ties and bonds within the wider community, and to support them in times of challenge and adversity. This includes developing morals and fostering patience, humility, courage and enthusiasm. We share common goals, beliefs and values, and respect individuals and individuality, irrespective of age, gender or background. We encourage our students to be interesting and interested, aspirational and inspirational. We would like our students to leave school as young adults that any family would wish their child to be when he or she leaves home: confident, self-assured, with a strong work ethic and better prepared both academically and socially to go out into an ever changing world.


Maidstone Grammar School has been a significant part of the town since 1549 and it is our responsibility to ensure its future and develop it further. In recent years we have seen the School grow in size and strength, and its academic reputation and standing in the community mean an increasing number of students would like to become part of its history. The School’s ethos, values and belief in academic rigour all combine to produce the all-round student

We wish to see this continue but we face considerable financial challenges in the near future which we need to overcome. Today’s MGS students have benefitted from years of prudent financial budgeting and healthy levels of government funding. But times are changing and whilst it is important that we all continue to be prudent, more schools are now looking to additional sources of income to fund capital projects, and we are no exception. In order to continue providing an outstanding education we need to develop, and a development fund is necessary to achieve this.

A culture of philanthropic giving at the School already exists in a number of ways; the Parents’ Association has helped the School purchase another minibus, voluntary contributions to the Amenities Fund provide funding for our extra-curricular programme and donations to the Old Maidstonian Society assist students in times of hardship.

The plans outlined in this brochure will certainly improve the School’s facilities and help secure its future. We hope you share our commitment to the School and will contribute to the Development Fund in one of the many ways suggested, or offer help in any other way you can.

I have said before that the state provides the bread and butter but we wish to provide some jam.

Please support us as generously as you are able. Every penny really does count.

Mark Tomkins

“I have witnessed our students benefitting from a first-class education at MGS. The Development Fund is the opportunity
to give something back and ensure our students continue to benefit for generations to come.”
Lindsey Evans, Chair of Governors 2014