Year 10 Top Performer's

The following students are in the top 10% performers in the recent year 10 exams. The table below shows which students earned the highest marks, and how many points they have earned for their house. Well done to all the Year 10 students!


House Amount of House Points for achievement
E PEARCE  Corpus Christi 20
H NOBES  College 19
P BALASUNDARAM VIJI  Corpus Christi 18
J HARTLEY  Corpus Christi 17
D O'Shea  Corpus Christi 16
L ELSE  Corpus Christi 16
T CARTER  Tonbridge 16
J ROSIER  College 13
A SARAKBI  College 12
S HARWOOD Corpus Christi 11
E YATES  Barton 10
S LUDLOW  College 10
G HORGAN  Corpus Christi 10
B MARSDEN  Barton 6
R RAI  Barton 6
E HARVEY  Corpus Christi 4
R GURUNG  Tonbridge 3
A TASSELL  Barton 2