Pastoral Care and the House System

 Pastoral care and the House System 2019/2020


Pastoral care is very important at MGS and we strive to ensure that every student feels known and cared for. 

  • Miss Johnson, Deputy Headteacher, oversees the pastoral system, is SENCo and Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Mr Rivers, Assistant Headteacher, oversees KS5 (Years 12-13)
  • Mr Martin, Assistant Headteacher, oversees KS4 (Years 9-11)
  • Mr Hanratty, Assistant Headteacher, oversees KS3 (Years 7-8)


Every student in the School is a member of one of four Houses: Barton, College, Corpus Christi or Tonbridge. Each House is named after different sites occupied by the school throughout its long history.

The Heads of House / Assistant Heads of House oversee the four Houses as follows:


The Heads of House / Assistant Heads of House

Barton House
College House
Corpus Christi House
Tonbridge House





Head of House 

Head of House 

Head of House 

Head of House 

Mr Highsted

Mr Hughes

Mr Highway

Mr Holmes

Assistant Head of House

Assistant Head of House

Assistant Head of House

Assistant Head of House

Mr Zaccarini

Mr Jones

Mr Terrell

Mr Taylor


Every student in the school is also a member of a mixed aged vertical tutor group made up of students from Years 7 to 13. This gives the tutor group a “family feel” – older students support younger boys and everyone has the chance to take on roles and responsibilities from an early age, share experiences and develop lasting friendships. Vertical tutor groups also reflect the fact that we are preparing our students for a society in which they will live and work with people of all ages. Students are overseen by the same Head of House/Assistant Head of House and form tutor throughout their time at MGS. This continuity of care is a key feature of the care and support we provide at MGS.

The Senior Leadership Team, Heads of House and Assistant Heads of Housework closely with subject staff and our Student Services Department to track and monitor all students both academically and pastorally. We have an excellent Student Services Department made up of very experienced non-teaching staff who work closely with the Senior Leadership Team and House Teams. The Student Services Department includes two Student Services Managers, an AEN Manager, Inclusions and Attendance Manager and a Careers Advisor. We also have an in-school counsellor, adult 1:1 mentors and a 1:1 Mind worker to support students where required and our experienced pastoral team works closely with external agencies where appropriate.