Dear Parents

Pastoral and House Structures from September 2017

Maidstone Grammar School prides itself in a strong pastoral structure. Not only was our pastoral structure acknowledged as an outstanding element of the School in the last Ofsted inspection, we were also delighted to be awarded Team of the Year at the Kent Teacher Award Ceremony in 2014. The House structure, which was introduced back in 2007, sits alongside the pastoral structure and provides a sense of belonging and identity for the students to a small community in the much larger MGS community.

At the Year 7 Welcome Evening in October I shared with you part of the 2020 vision we have for the School. Over the next few years we want to aspire to further develop and improve both pastoral and House structures. We wish to see the House structure become further embedded into the school; we wish to see a pastoral structure that forges positive relationships between and across year groups; and we would like to know that both students and staff see themselves as proud members of a House community as well as to their school community. In addition to all of this we also wish to further strengthen the continuity of pastoral care which we provide at MGS to ensure that all of our students are known and supported by a key group of dedicated pastoral staff throughout their whole school career.

During last year we spent a great deal of time discussing how best we can achieve all of these things, and part of my presentation in October was explaining how we are going to be doing this. To engage with, and inform the students of these developments, I started speaking to each form in Year 7 before Christmas, in assemblies in which I outlined the basic principles. Giving the students the rationale and context behind the developments and providing them with an opportunity to ask questions offered them a great deal of reassurance and eased any anxieties they may have had. A ParentMail will also be sent out to you following these discussions so that you can discuss your son’s thoughts when he arrives home with any more questions.

Following these discussions with each form I will be arranging Q and A sessions for any parents who would like to meet me and ask any questions.

Maidstone Grammar School is approaching a very exciting couple of years. Please be reassured that whatever we do, now and in the future, the culture and ethos of the School and the allegiance the students have for their school will remain and in fact be strengthened.

Yours sincerely

M Tomkins